What is Dedicated Server?

If you are involved in web hosting business, dedicated server is quite a common term for you. For those who don’t know, dedicated server basically refers to the exclusive...

If you are involved in web hosting business, dedicated server is quite a common term for you. For those who don’t know, dedicated server basically refers to the exclusive and rental use of a computer that is comprised of a web server, connection to the internet and softwares related to web serving. A dedicated server has a crucial job for the company which has rented it out to host a website. Suppose a website has a daily traffic of visitors at around 50 million hits, it is the job of the dedicated server to handle the traffic and not falter. If the server is not able to take the load, just a bridge, it would collapse and would majorly affect the business and economics of the site in context. Added benefits of leasing a dedicated server would be excellent performance, email stability, security, anti-theft, and control over operating system, hardware and many more.

On the other hand, a VPS is a Virtual Private Server which is fundamentally a virtual device that is sold out as a service by an Internet Hosting Service. It runs its personal copy of an operating system and the rental users have advanced or super-user level of access to the VPS’s OS where the users can download any application or software that can run in the OS. A VPS’s functions are equal to that of dedicated servers with the only difference of VPS being virtual and dedicated servers being physical. As because several VPSs run on a single computer, in comparison to dedicated servers with the same hardware, VPS tend to perform slower than them simply due to the sharing workload with other VPS. But this on the other side VPN is actually more cost-effective than dedicated servers. There are several types of VPN hosting available- Unlimited, unmetered and self-managed or unmanaged.

Dedicated servers are definitely the fastest and more powerful choice which makes them pricey and available for the greater echelons of the web hosting performance range. Dedicated servers have the quality which is attractive to most is that is generally under the total reigns of the customer. The dedicated server users can reboot and install whatever software they want but on the other hand, VPS might suffer from this limitation.

Offshore VPS is attractive too many website owners and developers. The website is hosted in other country which resultantly means tax-free web hosting area. They are cheap and physically exist in a different country’s soil. Despite the rumours, a lot of large and renowned companies have offshore VPS. Often the offshore VPS offer better security at a better price than in the country you reside in. Dedicated servers in Netherlands and VPS in Netherlands have earned a lot of hype and fame due to their higher level of security with better performance at really good prices. A lot of companies are already set up in Netherlands’s web hosting because of their state of the art machinery accompanied with on-site supervisors who offer you complete anonymity and quality service.

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