Why should Small Businesses use Linux Shared Hosting?

Every small business needs to have an online presence or there are possibilities of their losing out the market share in today’s digital world. Being new, the businesses may...

Every small business needs to have an online presence or there are possibilities of their losing out the market share in today’s digital world. Being new, the businesses may not be sure of the traffic and are not ready to jump into the fray in a big way. They can consider the Linux shared hosting for an effective debut on the world wide web.

Why Linux:

Linux is more popular among the users as it is open source and gives them unlimited access and support from the large community of programmers and developers that contribute with active participation in forums and tutorials. Linux is more stable than the other operating systems. Linux has another benefit that it does not require frequent rebooting during any upgrades or updates. Being open source it is free and does not require the user to pay any subscription fee.

What is shared hosting?

In shared hosting, the web hosting provider places several other websites along with the client’s website. They all share the server and get a limited quantity of the resources like server space, RAM, CPU etc. This makes it more affordable than the other hosting platforms as the costs of the server infrastructure and resources are all shared across the various websites. Combine the hosting with Linux operating system makes Linux shared hosting the least expensive web hosting platform.

Who can be a Linux shared hosting user?

Large and medium businesses need the higher platforms of VPS and dedicated hosting. This is mainly because they have either mission critical applications that require higher security or large volume of traffic that cannot be accommodated on the limited space that shared platform offers. Startups and small business do not require all the resources. There are several small vendors that sell their products in a particular city or specific locations in a city and do not require all the space. They could manage their business with shared platform. Similarly, there are small businesses that are budget constrained. They could start their business in a cost-effective way and move on to other plans or upgrade to a higher platform as their business improves.

There are considerable features that customers enjoy with Linux shared hosting.  These include:

1. Robust Infrastructure: The Linux servers are powerful and housed in redundant data centers. The hosts stand by their SLA commitment to ensure maximum network uptime.

2. Control panel: All the hosting plans come with cPanel control panel making it convenient for the clients to manage and upload the website, create email accounts and a database.

3. 1-Click installer: Many hosting providers with the Softaculous that allows several applications and scripts to be installed.

4. Security:  The hosts generally offer all types of anti-virus and anti-malware protection to ensure business performance is not hampered.

Technical support:

The Linux shared hosting providers offer technical support and do all the server maintenance including server upgrades, software updates and security patches. This is feasible for the small businesses as they may not be technically competent and may have budget constraints to employ technical experts.

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