Introduction to Fire Resistant Glass

At Green Future Solutions, we believe that safety comes first. With a rise in fire outbreaks in India, it's now very important to be ready when it comes to protecting your area and loved ones from fire. To realize this, we've launched a new range of Fire Resistant Glass under the label ‘Pyrobel’.

Pyrobel is a laminated glass with an in the tumescent layer. A high-end fire Resistant Glass range, Pyrobel is specially built to face up to extreme levels of heat, restrict heat transfer and stop the passage of smoke and flames.

Given many recent fire incidents in India, we tend to believe that this range of Fire Resistant Glass product will play an important role in containing injury to life and property caused by fire.

Why Pyrobel?

Pyrobel is an excellent solution against fire that helps reduce the spread of fire and heat in times of plague. It also helps in providing enough time to implement an evacuation plan. In the event of a fire, the interlayer’s can expand and remodel themselves into a rigid, opaque and heat-absorbing fire protect.

Pyrobel is a multi-laminated glass assembled with clear interlayer tumescent. It’s designed to resist and face up to extreme thermal shock, thereby making it a superb heat resistant glass. It will substitute a brick wall in terms of fire-rating property, yet offer transparency. While certain fire protection glasses act as a physical barrier to prevent fire and smoke spread, the radiant heat from fire can be drastically reduced by certain advanced solutions.

According to European classification standards (EN 13501) for glass use the following system:

  • E Category – Integrity

They provide only integrity. These are special tempered glasses and they stop the spread of flames to the non-fire side. There’ll be no protection from radiation during this kind of glasses. They’re commonly used for internal applications.

  • EW Category – Integrity & Low Radiation

These are tempered and laminated glasses. They stop the flames and also control the radiation on the non-fire side to a maximum of 15KW per sqm. They provide integrity and supply low heat radiation. They are used for internal and external applications.

  • EI Category – Integrity & Insulation

These kinds of glasses provide integrity and insulation. The most temperature on the non-fire side doesn't exceed an average of 140 C.

Framing Should Match Glazing Needs

Because fire-rated glass is used indoor and wall assemblies, code needs for framing must even be considered. Simply put, the fire-rated framing needs should match the glazing needs so as for the assembly to completely meet the wants of the code.

Fire protective framing, like fire protective glazing, has restricted use in applications rated over 45 minutes. The foremost common frame is hollow metal. This kind of framing is used in doors, sidelights, transoms and interior windows up to 45 minutes. Fire protective, hollow metal frames, like fire protective glazing, fail to block the unfold of radiant heat.

Fire resistive framing has the power to block the spread of radiant heat. Like fire resistive glazing, this sort of framing meets ASTM E-119/NFPA 251/UL 263 needs. Fire-resistive framing is used in wall and door assemblies (this includes glazing around and over the door, like sidelights’ and transoms) rated 60 minutes and above.

In one or two hour applications the project requirements for configuring fire resistant glazing in hollow metal frames do not comply with the code because fire resistant glazing with fire protection framing reduces the fire efficiency of the fire protection attachment rating. In one or two hour applications where meeting ASTM E-119/NFPA 251/UL 263 is required, both the glazing and framing should be fire-resistive.

Green Future Solutions is the leading supplier of Fire Rated Glass Suppliers in Bangalore and Glass Hardware Suppliers in Bangalore and if you need any assistance with your choice. We’ll make honest recommendations that suit your individual needs.

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