Jagaha.com- We Sell Time!

Finding a property in Mumbai can be extremely time-consuming. In the commercial real estate space the inefficient use of time could be even more costly – ‘time is money.’

When companies are looking to start out, grow or expand it’s overwhelmingly not the junior people in the organization that shortlist the commercial properties, nor is it even mid-level management, those who are in charge of the property search are usually directors, managing directors, COOs & even CEOs of firms. And it’s these high-level individuals that will come to the property inspections to shortlist the properties.

Roaming around Mumbai is not easy, given the traffic, congestion & poor infrastructure so to wait in traffic to get from one place to another to come to a property that is not what you are looking in any way shape or form is a total waste of time. The opportunity cost for such firms is actually quite significant especially as such frivolous inspections can take up to half a day for each one. Do note, it takes typically five to eight inspections for a firm to finalize a commercial property and that’s a lot of senior employee hours!

Needless to say, their time is important and in turn, Jagaha is committed to investing in saving clients time and thus their firm’s money! How? Here’s a video that tells you how!

Every single property in Mumbai listed on Jagaha.com has been visited in-person by a member of the property sourcing team. With that said, all the information is accurate and the pictures & videos are real because we took them! When we say all, we mean 100% of all properties have been verified in person by our team!

Some clients have said that our property site, Jagaha.com, can reduce the average search for commercial properties in Mumbai by nearly 70% where the client is able to shortlist properties without having to travel to them thru Mumbai traffic. The videos, pictures, property info & to boot, a Mumbai commercial real estate team, is there to help one shortlist before even heading out for the inspection.

Let Jagaha save you and your organization time!

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