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Good News For Domestic Flyers

  • There will be no Cancellation Charges,
  • Full Refund On Delay : Govt. New Rules For Airlines 

Aviation Ministry have proposed new draft rules to improve flying experience in all over India. The passengers to fly in domestic flight will be very happy for these new draft rules.

New Rules Highlights: 

  • The government suggested new draft rules for improving airlines system
  • Flyers : No charges for cancellation within 24 hours of booking
  • Customer will be offered a full refund if flight delays over 4 hours

Flyers don’t have to pay for cancellation of thier air tickets within 24 hrs of booking them, Goverment has decided  in new airline rules to improve the flying experience in India.

Aviation Ministry also proposes compensation to flyers denied boarding due to overbooking or flights delays attributed due to an airline. Passengers can a make correction in name or amend the travel date at free of cost.

The government said, However, the charter would be binding on all airlines in the domestic sector. It has been placed in t public domain and consultation process will be opened for a month. Changes can be notified in two months after the consultation process.

Passengers would be compensated INR 20000 on missing connecting flights if the delay is over 12 hrs, and INR 10000 if the delays is between 4 to 12 hrs.

If flyers is informed about the cancellation of thier flights less than two weeks before and up to 24hrs of scheduled departure time, Airline must offer an alternative flight to allow the flyers depart within 2hrs of booked scheduled departure time or rfund the ticket, as acceptable to the flyers. DGCA could look into compensation issues as well, Said Mr Sinha

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