Julio Licinio- The New Dean Of College Of Medicine At Upstate Medical University

Julio Licinio is originally a psychiatrist from Australia. He is now the new dean of the college of medicine of Upstate Medical University who successfully researched the relationship between obesity and depression. In the College of Medicine, he will manage all academic activities of basic and clinical science departments, including research and education programs. His extensive research on depression has helped in a great way to the medical practitioners to treat the obesity problem of depressed patients. He researched how anti-depressants medicine can cause weight gain in the patient.

On July 1, 2017, Dr. Julio Licinio has successfully replaced Dr. David Duggan, a former dean of College of Medicine. While taking the charge of dean, he has also been declared a senior vice-president of Upstate University.
Dr. Julio Licinio, a Brazilian resident who has invested 30 long years in academic medicine, served as deputy director of translation strategy and process for the head, mind, and Brain theme at South Australian Health and Research Institute in Adelaide, Australia. He has also worked as a professor at Flinders University in Adelaide. Licinio is a former director of John Curtin School of Medical Research where he established the John Curtin Medical Research Foundation. Moreover, he is the chief editor of three journals from Nature Publishing Group including Molecular Psychiatry, The Pharmacogenomics Journal, and Translational Psychiatry. His area of expertise is biology of depression and Pharmacogenomics and that is why he edited books on these topics.

In his medical career of 30 years, Dr. Julio Licinio has held the positions at UCLA, National Australian University of Yale, the University of Miami, VA Medical Center in West Haven, Connecticut and the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda and the NIH Clinical Center, Maryland.

Julio Licinio received his medical degree from the Brazilian University of Bahia School of Medicine and completed his residency at the University Of Sao Paulo Medical Center in Brazil. He completed his fellowship in medicine or endocrinology at the University of Chicago and from Montefiore Medical Center; he completed his internship in psychiatry. Licinio also held a position of former assistant professor of Psychiatry at Yale University.

Upstate President Dr. Danielle Laraque- Arena has shared some good words about Dr. Julio Licinio in a prepared statement. These are his exact words “His experience as a physician-scientist with a broad international reputation, together with his successful career and critical understanding of administrative leadership, clinical care, research, education, and policy will move Upstate forward and broaden our research and academic enterprise”.

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