Keep your eyes wide when deciding on the Burma teak wood suppliers

Burma teak wood is placed highest in the hierarchy of wood in terms of quality, versatility and adaptability. No wonder why it is considered to be the undisputed monarch of entire wood family. Its uniqueness has conquered the market to a greater extent. However from the pool of Burma teak wood suppliers, selecting and finalising the most genuine ones is another challenge.  Since the market for Burma teak wood is always on fire with so much demand and supply movements, every another supplier and traders would try to exploit the situation in their favour.

Looking at the current scenario customers must explore all possible information available before trusting any random Burma teak wood supplier. Here are few inputs which will help you distinguishing between a valuable Burma teak wood and some other wood.

  • Outer appearance: The top layer of Burma teak wood is light yellow in colour, wherein the rough and dry central layer can be found in either colour dark brown or golden brown. Since the central layer is dry, it is stronger than the top layer which is always exposed to water and moisture. The price of various kinds of Burma teak wood will depend on the colour and texture. Generally golden brown Burma teak wood is considered to be the most expensive one. That is another reason why many opportunist Burma teak wood suppliers choose to paint it in the most attractive colour to make it look genuine and costly. Hence it is always advisable to check if the wood has been tinted or it is the natural colour.
  • Grain will make you gain: Indeed colour helps immensely on gauging the credibility and longevity of the Burma teak wood; however another feature that is grain pattern that flows evenly throughout the tree. Normally the lines and streaks are in darker shades of brown and are highly weather and climate driven. The pattern is usually straight lines that runs across and are mostly found in the most genuine and real Burma teak wood.
  • Fully loaded: The most valuable part of Burma teak wood tree is heavy in weight and makes it standout in term of genialness and quality. So while making the selection, one must put ahead the weight lifting skills to lift the furniture.
  • Aroma says it all: Teak wood contains oil within which makes it bugs, termites and weather resistant. This oils content contributes to the longevity and durability of Burma teak wood. The aroma of this particular oil is different and can easily be felt. It smells like leather. And hence this would greatly help in ensuring if the furniture or any wood product is genuinely made up of teak wood only.

Information sharing a must: It is believed that higher the prices superior the quality. However one must proactively ask questions from the Burma teak wood suppliers to ensure that a genuine teak wood is offered to you.

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