Know the importance of Certified Business Analysis Professional Certification

Know the importance of Certified Business Analysis Professional Certification

Certified Business Analysis Professional training program has been designed to provide intense preparation for the CBAP® certification exam. The focus is on understanding the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®) v3.0, acquiring fluency in the terminology of the BABOK®, and identifying the tools and techniques that are a part of a Business Analyst’s toolkit. The training program entails an interactive question and answer review with an IIBA®certified instructor, discussions based on the BABOK® version 3.0 and practice tests to improve the learning process and help you gain the CBAP® certification. This certification offers several benefits, some of them are:

Broader Perspective: When you’re preparing for your CBAP examination, you will realize that there are various approaches to solving a particular problem. Up until then you may be familiar with 1 or 2 major techniques. Once you complete the examination, you will be able to apply these techniques at your workplace. A professional business analyst certification from a reputed organization is always recognized by a company. CBAP is one such certification.

Speak the language of business analysts: A wise man once said – “If you cannot explain it in simple terms, then you haven’t understood the concept thoroughly”. This is very true many phases of our lives. In business analysis especially, there are various systems, processes, techniques etc. At times, it is very difficult to understand these concepts when you encounter it for the first time.

Shows Commitment: Obtaining a certified business analysis professional certification is not as easy as obtaining a regular certification course. It takes long hours of preparations, longer hours of taking tests, and a lot of practice. Hence, when companies hire business analysts who have undergone the CBAP certification, they immediately realize that the candidate has worked hard to obtain the certification.

Monetary benefits and better assignments: IIBA had released an article recently which stated that as per the survey conducted by them in various industries, business analysts who had obtained the CBAP certification earned up to 10% higher than their peers who hadn’t undergone the certification examination.

You might have various professional or personal reasons to write the CBAP Certification examination. Regardless of your reason, once you obtain the business analyst training certification, you will gain all the above-mentioned benefits. Professionals who have completed the certification and have been working in the industry for many years can feel the difference it makes.


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