5 Questions To Ask Your Franchise Lawyer

Franchisee Attorney

When it comes to considering a franchise opportunity of renewing or transferring your franchise or facing a dispute with your franchisor, it is always suggested to contact an attorney. It is not always true that legal issues only have complexity, but franchisors usually hire attorneys from reputed law firms to draft the franchise documents and deal with their franchisees. So, franchisees also need lawyers to protect their rights and respond to the dispute with the franchisor.

While selecting a lawyer to review your franchise documents or protect your interest in arbitration or litigation, negotiation process, you need to make the decision by considering several factors. As the process influence your reputation and business, so you can’t afford to go with any lawyer just because he advertised himself as a franchise lawyer online. While you are searching an attorney to hire to handle all your franchise requirements, here is a list of questions that you should ask by your shortlisted franchise attorney.

1. How long have you dealt the cases of the franchise?

It can be said that the more experience an attorney has, the better for your case. So, always select the most-experienced franchise attorneys to ensure your success.

2. Do you only practice franchise law?

Franchise law has its own field with unique and separate laws that are usually applied at state and federal levels. Although, state of the law and state of franchise industry keep changing with time, so a franchisee attorney should have a better understanding of the legal ups and downs as compared to another attorney who practices in other areas.

3. Do you handle the cases of both franchisees and franchisors, or just franchisees?

Some lawyers of franchise laws represent both franchisees and franchisors. So, this could raise a little concern for a franchisee as when litigation is selected for dispute resolution, potential conflicts of interest could occur for franchisees. A lawyer who exclusively handles the cases of franchisees will be more focused on the issues from your perspective.

4. Will you handle all of my franchise operations personally?

Many franchise law firms appoint junior associates and staff member to the clients’ case. As you are investing your money in hiring a lawyer, it is important for you to know that an experienced attorney is handling your case personally.

5. What service can I expect from your side?

As no attorney can promise you the outcome of any dispute or transaction, but an experienced franchise lawyer could provide a reasonable assessment of the expected results. In fact, he can definitely tell which franchise agreement clause can be negotiated at what ground and what is the probability of securing a renewal term as per the facts available at a given point?

These are the questions that you should ask your lawyer who is going to represent you at the time of mediation or arbitration at the time of discussion.

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