Five Tips by Springfield Missouri Child Custody Attorneys in Greene County to help get you to a positive outcome

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If divorce itself is not difficult enough, you may also have to work to protect the parent-child relationship if you have children. This can be a hard situation, but do not let your emotions and fears take over.  Instead, hire professional Springfield Missouri Child Custody Attorneys in Greene County to help guide you through the process.  An experienced lawyer can help get you to an outcome that is positive for you and your family.

You may already understand the benefits of hiring a child custody attorney, but here are few tips that can help you in your case.

Tips to help you win the custody of your child after a divorce

As soon as you file a divorce, the first concern you may have is with whom the children will stay on particular days of the week (known as physical custody).  You also likely want to have a custody schedule that ensures you remain a big part of your children’s life and ensure that you also have decision-making rights about how your kids are raised (known as legal custody).  Here are a few ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ in custody cases:

1. Red tape and paperwork

Before any case is filed, there will be substantial paperwork that has to be filed with the court. This is one area where you need experienced Springfield Missouri Divorce Lawyers in Greene County. They can help guide you toward filing the right paperwork that meets the legal requirements. Afterwards, they can also advocate for your interests in court.

2.  Address the areas of disagreement

Of course, you may be in a state of emotional turmoil, but still, you need to focus on the big picture and remain calm. It is important that you understand the areas of disagreement surrounding your case. Addressing any issues in advance such as visitations, holidays, weekends, etc. can lead to a faster child custody solution.  Thus, it is important productive negotiations with the other party/parent, if possible, with the aid of the lawyers.  If the case has to go to trial, you also want an attorney can effectively present your case to the judge.

3.  Always act in a dignified manner

Any heated interactions can result in a poor outcome. If you lose your cool, it can paint you in a poor light with the court and, of course, and that is harmful to the children. Let your behavior or attitude show that you are a mature parent with whom the court can trust.

4.  Do not put your children in the middle  

Don’t ask your child to take sides. Rather, be that parent whom your child simply feels safe, assured and secure. Be supportive and handle the entire matter in a positive manner. Further, never say anything negative about the other parent to the children. Remember, tactics like these almost always backfire.

5.  Inform your child the cause for the divorce

No matter your situation, get the help of Springfield Missouri Divorce Lawyers in Greene County. Lawyers know how to be emotionally supportive during these difficult times — and can walk you through the process. Not only it will make the proceeding easier for you, but your family will be able to move on with their lives as well.

The next thing to understand is what the judge is expecting from you. Your attorney can help you understand this as well.

How will Springfield Missouri Child Custody Attorneys in Greene County guide?

They will prepare you best to make sure that everything you say and do will help lead you toward the outcome you are seeking.  Here are some things that the judge may consider and expect from a responsible parent:

– Parent personality and ability to raise the child;
– Relationship with your child;
– How the parent acts in time of crisis with child;
– If the parent is into alcoholism or drug abuse; and/or
– If the parent is living with someone else, that this person is a responsible individual who can be trusted around the children.

These are few of the things to consider during this tough time. Springfield Missouri Child Custody Attorneys in Greene County can help you reach a positive resolution in your case.

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