What Every Parent Should Know About Canada’s Youth Justice System

No parent wants to find their child on the wrong side of the law. Sadly, children who are starting to rebel or who go too far with their rule...

No parent wants to find their child on the wrong side of the law. Sadly, children who are starting to rebel or who go too far with their rule breaking will find themselves in legal trouble. While the initial reaction of many parents is anger and disappointment, thinking clearly and knowing how Canada’s youth justice system works will play to your advantage.

Of course, hiring a criminal lawyer Vancouver based expert is a great first step to take. However, it is also good to have some personal knowledge yourself. Here’s what every criminal lawyer will tell their clients whose children are facing the court system:

1. Who Qualifies As A “Parent”

In Canada’s youth justice system, biological and legal step-parents aren’t the only ones who can provide support. Under the law, anyone who is under the legal duty to provide for the youth in question or any person who has either in fact or in law holds custody or control over the younger person can fulfill the role of a parent.

A person who cares for the youth can, in fact, act as the parent during any court case within Canada’s youth justice system.

2. The Special Rights Of Youths And Their Parents

There are certain rights and privileges that the offending youth can take advantage of, with or without the guidance of their chosen criminal lawyer Vancouver based expert.

* The youth being charged has the right to consult with their parents when they have been arrested by the police. This consultation privilege is extended during any stage of the legal proceedings.

* The parents/acting parents and even the extended family of the youth are given multiple chances to get involved when it comes to assisting and responding to the various needs of the young individual.

* Parents who are interested in speaking to the court judges, police officers, probation officers, custody staff, and Crown can do so freely without any repercussions.

* All parents will be informed about their child’s misdeeds and trouble with the law. They will be asked for their views and opinions about their child during this stage of the proceedings.

3. The Right To A Personal Criminal Lawyer

Parents should remember that when their child faces arrest and other legal trouble, they are allowed to hire their own criminal lawyers as a part of their defense team. It does not matter how small the infraction may be, it is always suggested that the child has legal representation to avoid and misunderstandings.

4. Parents Are Not Responsible For Their Child’s Crime

Under the law, it is deemed that a parent cannot be held liable for the crimes of their child. However, in a different provincial law called “Parental Responsibility Act” a parent can be charged with up to $10,000 in losses and damages. This is best discussed with an attorney for more details.

Do not enter any legal proceedings with your child without the guidance of a criminal defense attorney. Speak with your child’s attorney as soon as charges are brought up to ensure your child’s future will not be at risk.

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