Learn how to work efficiently with Microsoft Excel by getting an understanding of Macros

A macro is a series of commands and functions present in Microsoft Excel that is used to automate the repetitive tasks. These commands are stored in a Microsoft Visual Basic module and can be run anytime to perform the task associated with those commands. The Macros online training teaches you how to create simple macros and how macros can be used to automate tasks in Excel. Through this training, you will also learn how to share macros between workbooks, set up keyboard shortcuts to run macros so that it can be assessed easily, and create non-recordable VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) code. Those hoping for a career in data analysis must know how to write Macros using simple as well as VBA coding to automate their worksheets and save time. This training is considered ideal for Data analyst, Report creators and Decision makers. By the end of the training, you will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Understand what macros can do for you
  • Run and Record macros
  • Create a Personal Macro Workbook
  • Expand a macro with statements
  • Use absolute and relative references
  • Test a macro in step mode and Join two macros
  • Use loop structures and Streamline macros

VBA is a very important programming language that allows you to control everything in Excel. Learning Excel VBA will enable you to save your time by preventing you from performing repetitive tasks. With the proper knowledge of Excel VBA, one can easily automate several areas of data analysis, reporting and modeling work. The Macros training online provides a basic understanding of Excel VBA and will also enhance your knowledge of recorded Macros. This training also enlightens you about the skills necessary to automate Excel and how and where Macros can be useful in Excel. The training shows you how to run a macro, make small changes to it and save it to your personal macro workbook. The training module is designed in such a manner that those with very less to zero level of knowledge about programming can also easily grasp the content of the training. The following are the important topics that are covered under this training:

  • Macro Introduction
  • Learn About Programming
  • Introduction to Flow Chart & Diagram
  • Getting Started with VBA
  • VBA Excel Object
  • Operators, Data Types & Variables
  • Conditional Statement
  • Loop Statement
  • VBA User Forms- Part-1
  • VBA User Forms- Part-2
  • Advance VBA Programming
  • Dashboard

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