Learning objectives of Big Data Hadoop Training program

Hadoop is an eco-system of open source projects that gives a framework to deal with Big Data. Big Data Hadoop Training program is intended to provide you a comprehensive knowledge of the Big data frame work with the help of spark and Hadoop. The training program will also help you learn Hive, pig and impala to analyze huge datasets storage in the HDFS. The program will also help you master the concepts of the Hadoop framework and its deployment in a cluster environment. During the training program you will:

  • Understand the several components of Hadoop ecosystem; Hadoop 2.7, Yarn, Pig, MapReduce, Hive, Impala, Flume and Apache.
  • Understand the concepts of MapReduce and its characteristics
  • Understand the architecture of HDFS and YARN, and learn how to work with them for storage and resource management
  • Understand all types of file formats, Avro Schema, using Arvo with Hive, and Sqoop and Schema evolution
  • Create database and tables in Hive and Impala, understand HBase, and use Hive and Impala for partitioning
  • Understand Flume & Flume architecture, flume sinks, sources, channels, and flume configurations
  • Understand the architecture and data storage of HBase and learn the difference between HBase and RDBMS
  • Do functional programming in Spark, and implement and build Spark applications
  • In-depth knowledge of parallel processing in Spark and Spark RDD optimization techniques
  • Understand resilient distribution datasets (RDD) in detail
  • Learn Spark SQL, creating, transforming, and querying data frames
  • Understand the common use cases of Spark and different interactive algorithms

Big data Hadoop is one of the most promising fields in technology for implementing large volumes of data to accomplish the objectives of an organization. Big Data Hadoop Training in Noida will surely help you kick starts your career by arming you with the most in-demand professional skills in big data and analytics. Big Data job opportunities are on the rise, and Hadoop is rapidly becoming a must-know technology in Big Data architecture. The training program is ideal for IT, data management and analytics professionals looking to gain expertise in Big Data, including:

  • Software Developers and Architects
  • Senior IT professionals
  • Analytics Professionals
  • Data Management Professionals
  • Testing and Mainframe Professionals
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Aspiring Data Scientists
  • Project Managers
  • Professionals aiming to build a career in Big Data Analytics

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