Leave An Air Of Mystery!

Who was he? Where did he go? I was now left with only the lingering smell of his deodorant body spray!

Last week, my friend invited me to a masquerade. The lights, music but most of all, the attractive masks, left me in awe. I was at the corner of the room, getting my drink. “Boring party right?” someone tapped on my shoulder. I was mesmerized by his enchanting smell even before I could turn around. Whatever he was wearing, I was sure that it was the best deo body spray I’ve ever smelt of. I smiled and said “Not really, I think it’s quite alright!” Now when I looked at him, I noticed that not only did he smell good, he also had a charming smile. “Why don’t we hit the dance floor and spice this party up?” he whispered into my ear in such a flirtatious way, I just couldn’t refuse!

So he took my hand and pulled me closer to him. He grabbed my waist and we started swinging to the music, and his deodorant body spray was working its magic, as we danced through the night. Our chemistry was so good, people cheered on for us. He was chivalrous, his fragrance was empowering, all in the right ways. I was smitten by him already, and I didn’t even know who he was! All I knew was that I’d never forget his fragrance. Probably, the best spray deodorant for men! From the corner of my eye, I could see girls whispering. The mystery man had turned into the eye candy for tonight, and girls envied me because he picked me. I held him closer and kept dancing away. I wanted to make the most of this night, and wanted to savour his enticing smell.

I’ve always been a sucker for fragrances, and have always been able to identify the best deo body spray. But this time I was failing. I tried too hard to guess his deodorant body spray, but the smell was different. Getting impatient, I impulsively asked him, “Was it your plan to entice girls by wearing the best spray deodorant for men?” Hearing this, he gave me a smirk and said, “Who knows! But I see that it’s working!” I made a face and said “Come on! Just tell me which deodorant body spray are you wearing?” I knew he was too good to just say it directly, and I knew he’d somehow turn the conversation around. “Why don’t you try to find it out yourself, and maybe then I can reveal myself and take you out on a date? See you at CCD, 5pm next Friday!” he said playfully. I was taken aback. I really wanted to know who this man was, and the idea of a date made me greedy. “We’re on! Be prepared because now you’ve challenged me!” I said, determined.

That’s all I could remember from that party. It’s Friday today and I’m nowhere close to finding out who the mystery man was. I was sulking, when my roommate finally asked, “What’s wrong?” I told her the story of that guy and how I’ve looked up for the best deo spray for man. She couldn’t stop laughing at first, and then she said “Have you heard of Denver? It has the some of the best spray deodorant for men. Why don’t we go to that gift shop and find out?” I agreed and we headed to the gift shop. While browsing through the section of best deo spray for man, I picked Denver and sniffed. I recognized the smell immediately and was taken back to that night, where his enchanting smell left such a strong impression on me.

I put on my best dress and left for the date, I couldn’t wait to see him! As soon as I reached there, someone tapped on my shoulder and whispered into my ear, “So you did it after all!”

The empowering fragrance baffled my senses, I knew it was him. “It was difficult, but it was worth it!” I said as he hugged me tight.

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