Management Committee of a housing society - Responsibility and Powers

Management Committee can be regarded as the spinal cord of a housing society. The way a housing society runs and functions are the direct reflection of the effectiveness of its managing committee. Peaceful or chaotic, convenient or troublesome, friendly or cold, though it has much to do with the residents too,but one can't deny that it is a reflection of how efficient is the management committee of the society. In this post, we will look at some of the prime responsibilities and powers that a management committee of a housing society handles and perform.


  • To fix the amount to be recovered as maintenance fee from the residents every month, keeping in mind all the areas of income and expenditure in the society and abiding the proportion laid down in the bye-laws.
  • To calculate the maintenance amount for every unit every month in accordance with their individual dues, advance and other chargeable components.
  • To raise the maintenance bills on time and ensure that every unit holder is communicated about the same duly, every month.
  • To keep a track of maintenance fees received from each unit member, every month and to generate receipt for every receiving bills.
  • To keep track of every non-payment and initiate action against defaulters surpassing maximum grace period.
  • To form the full-fledged management committee and subcommittee, discuss and distribute tasks and responsibilities among themselves, ensure monthly meeting within the committee to keep tab on each others work. Also to accept and consider resignation of members of the management committee, electing new member and dissolving any non-functional subcommittee .
  • To arrange annual general meeting every year. Fix the agenda, giving intimation to every society member and preside over the meeting.
    Identifying emergency issues and call in for special meeting on time.
  • To maintain a transparent helpdesk. Keep tab of the every issue or complaint received from the members.
  • Disbursing the responsibilities among the committee member for proper and effective redressal. Close the issue on time.
  • Keep and maintain inventory and asset list of the society.
  • Keeping close eye at the expenditure or expense from the society fund.
  • Assisting in annual audit of the society with proper accounts records and other documents.


It is good to note that even the powers of the management committee too stem from the responsibility and duty towards the society itself.

  • Regarding and scrutinizing the acceptance of deposit and raising of loans.
  • To examine and recommend the rates of contribution towards the funds like repair and maintenance and sinking fund.
  • Additionally to consider and handle everything related to the repair maintenance fund and sinking fund- their creation, investment and utilization.
  • To elect and authorize a member of the committee with the power to attested deed of conveyance, share certificates and any other documents that need a seal of authority from the society.
    Issuing letters of allotment of the flat to the owners who have purchased units in the society.
  • To consider and fix the rates of penalty to be applicable in case of any breaches to the bye-laws.
  • To issue show cause notice in case of any breaches to the bye-laws identified.

Therefore, it is not an easy task to be a part of the management committee of a housing society. Indeed, it needs much dedication and devote to handle these responsibilities and put the power to perfect use. And all, mostly free of cost. Yes, generally these offices are voluntarily occupied by the members of the society itself and are unpaid.

Technology plays an important part today in the effective management of a housing society. From scheduling day to day tasks to maintaining records to storing documents. Indeed, human labor can never be totally replaced, however a good housing society management software can increase the effectiveness of the management committee manifold.

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