Minimalistic Elegance

The life gets busier year after year. The time spent at homes decreases so homes have become like relaxing abodes which cater to the need to detox the stress of our entire day. Minimalist designs with fewer maintenance needs, warm calming colors, natural textures, soft shapes, automation are thereby natural choices. To spend evenings and nights close to natural elements after the day spent in city's plastic life is a bliss. Therefore the homes today are more tailored and intuitive.

The walls were majorly white to show the light. Special care has taken to have a most of natural light so that minimum lights were switched on during the day. Most of the lights are LED's to cut the power consumption. Natural ventilation was a prime focus. All the windows had a double glass with an air gap for heat insulation.

The design revolved around keeping the furniture very simple and the flooring neutral... The use of UPVC window in the white color cam of flashed the windows with the wall and gave an unobstructed view to the outside world.

Kitchen: Simple, efficient and yet not boring. This kitchen has a dash of color to add interest while keeping the functionality intact. Pull out drawers, accessories to use dead corners, below sink RO units, tall ladder, built-in microwave, and oven, this kitchen offers all modern gadgets and pieces of equipment, keeping the design lines clean.

The parent's room was made to look grand with the use of leather paneling on the back wall and veneer added the required warmth.

A couple of room design in straight line with paint added to the white wall. The large window brings in natural light in this advanced decor.

The son's room at one glance shows that he is fond of music. A place for everything and everything in its place as the mantra followed in this room. A wardrobe, a study, a book-rack, and an accessory corner all stocked into one room.

In daughter's room paneling has been added to the back wall of bed in bright pink color and a niche has been created in the paneling to enable the child to keep her nick nacks. The bed has no sharp corners to keep it safe for the small angle.

Top floor has an entertainment area and a partition separating it from formal sitting. The partition was grand in design. The veneer added the required warmth. Pool table, bar, and an LCD unit are all there in the entertainment room. The dining table is there so that the entire family can sit together for the food.

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