Mirrors to fit your interior design style

“Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror or the painter?”- Pablo Picasso

Not mere piece of decoration, mirrors enhances and beautifies your home interiors and creates space illusion.

Mirrors have the unique ability both to reflect and accentuate hues and views from neighboring walls, creating a striking effect. Mirrors are an integral part of your home, with the right positioning and placing, mirrors add a magical touch to our home interiors. If you are someone who believes inVastu and Feng Shui, you might already be aware that the placement of mirrors can affect your lives.

Here are some tips from FabModula, one among the leading interior designers in Bangalore to help you choose the best mirror for your beautiful interiors.

  • Mirror collage

Mirror collages have always been one of FabModula most appreciated signature design!

Instead of placing just a large ornamental mirror, you can try embellishing the walls by using different kinds of mirror to highlight your wall. Mirrors alongside wood paneled walls can accentuate the feel of your interiors.

  • Wall mirror

Give your hallway a new look by putting a large mirror on it, making the space more illusive in nature and giving your room a more spacious look.

Coming in a great variety, wall mirrors can be hung or wall mounted according to the weight and size of the mirror- the use of mirror at the right place can add an extended outlook.

  • Antique mirror

Still in trend till date, the intricate designs of an antique mirror gives your room versatile aesthetics. The influence of renaissance art and culture are predominant on the delicate design seen on the décor piece.

  • Baroque mirror- heavier, rich look; making your room look more royal.
  • Rococo mirror- heavy cravings with floral designs.
  • Dressing mirror

A household necessity and most commonly used mirror. Dressing mirrors are made more innovative by placing them on walls as long dressing mirrors. Keeping designs minimal is always elegant, such as using a Cheval floor mirrors as a dressing mirror or an in-built storage mirror, are some smart ways to keep it simple.

  • Swivel or swing arm mirror

Usually put in small spaces or bathroom spaces, swing arm mirrors are two-sided with an extension. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a movable, multipurpose mirror as it is both convenient and easy to handle.

  • Wrought iron mirror

Easy to maintain and light in weight, wrought iron mirrors are the go-to if you are looking for a budget friendly option.

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