MS Project Training in Mumbai

If you have ever liked to handle a project at home, school or college which involved steps like dividing the overall project into sub-parts with defined tasks and delivery dates, set start and deadline dates and ensured that the timelines are kept, create necessary links between different tasks, assign human and material resources to various sub-parts, budgeted for the entire project with proper allocation of funds to tasks and resources, and finally created necessary reports to analyze the progress and made corrections or amendments to the process to achieve better and faster results, then you are the one who is an ideal candidate for the MS Project training.

We organize regular trainings and the next MS Project Training in Mumbai has already been scheduled. Enroll for the course to not only sharpen your project management skills but also to get a certification from Microsoft as more and more companies are looking to recruit Microsoft certified Project managers. From the company’ s perspective, when a new employee is already a certificate holder of the Microsoft Project manager or an existing one gets the certificate on his own expense, the company is saving on its financial resource.  Additionally, a certified employee will use the Microsoft product to better the performance and output from the project. Hence increasing number of companies is looking at hiring certified project managers.

If your current role in the existing company is that of a Project or Business Analyst or a Project Planner or an Implementer, then the Professional Microsoft Project training is a requisite for you to move ahead in your career. With the certification, your role in the present organization will get more professional recognition as it will help you streamline processes and job tasks. The Microsoft Project 2016 is the latest version that you need to be hands-on with, especially if your organization encourages work on Microsoft Suites. Not only for the present job, this certification will help open further promising doors in the future with the senior management of majority of companies today preferring skilled and certified people.

If you are already working on the Microsoft Project 2013 platform, this MS Project Training workshop will be beneficial to you as the latest version has some new add-ons in reports, user interfaces, integration with other Microsoft programs and different compatibility factors between both the versions. The MS Project Training in Mumbai will be conducted by our senior trainers who have years of experience as project managers as well as trainers with in-depth content knowledge, outstanding presentation skills and adopt the best methods of imparting training.  Our workshops are interactive where we encourage participants to freely express their queries and share information. The sessions include content-centric lectures, case studies and discussions, practical trainings and illustrations. Our attempt is always to keep the sessions interesting and dynamic encouraging two-way flow of communication and knowledge.

The certification to the Microsoft Project Training is given once the participant appears for an examination at the end of the completion of the course and is able to score marks above the cut-off marks.

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