Nadi Astrology - Accurate Predictive Methodology

What is Nadi Jyothishyam?


Hundreds of years ago, there have been great Sages or Rishis, who had the vision of trying it understand the long run of anybody on earth. These predictions were written on Palm Leaves in an exceedingly explicit script and these leaves are accustomed predict the long run of individuals in lately by Nadi Jyothists.


Nadi Shastra is an ancient art of prediction. Thousands of years ago the sages will look at the past, present and future of individuals, WHO existed and WHO were to require birth in future. These sages wrote these predictions on wine palm or palm leaves in an exceedingly explicit script, these are referred to as Nadi leaves.


Around the twelfth century, these leaves were found lying within the ancient Vaideeshwaran Temple in state. The Nayanar community that found these leaves accomplished their values and created actual copies of them and are the custodians of the Nadi Leaves since then. they're conjointly the sole community that has been for generations trained to browse the leaves, and interpret them to form the predictions. Conjointly they're the sole people that have access to the Nadi leaves.


In Nadi Shastra, the thumb impression of an individual is taken to spot the actual leaf which provides the persons predictions. every thumb impression on has concerning 108 aspects to that like Shanka Rekha, Chandra Rekha, Chakra Rekha etc. These aspects of thumb impression are accustomed find the closest bundle of Nadi leaves then the person had a session with the Nadi reader to tally with the private and family details of the person. throughout this session the actual leaf that contains the private and family details are going to be known and therefore the reader reads out and records the precise predictions of the person.


The predictions within the Nadi leaves are given in Kandams or chapters. One might get a general prediction or specific prediction or specific prediction supported the necessity.


Aadishakti is one amongst the foremost accomplished Nadi Readers who is carrying on his distinctive family tradition handed down from several generations.


These predictions that are written on the leaves are from the day the person involves have the services of Nadi astrology. So, the predictions are pre-written and these predictions are simply browse by the Nadi Astrologers.


There is just one explicit sect of individuals who have access to those leaves as this can be a conventional service and is being practiced by generations downwardly. during this generation this service is being given by Then there should be lots of leaves written, one for every person within the world.


But the leaves themselves state that given that the person has in his fate that he's to possess the services of Nadi, he can get his leaves.


How specifically will the Nadi Jyothist get the precise leaves?


Each individual can have his distinctive finger print. This finger print is employed to some find the closest bundle of leaves.


"For Gents the proper Hand Thumb Impression and for women the left hand Thumb Impression".


The Nadi Reader then raise the actual one that desires the services the main points of the Family, His her personal info and plenty of additional details. There are such a lot of individuals within the world with regards to similar particulars. Some could have constant name, folks name on the other hand the time of birth could be totally different. of these details are going to be on one explicit leaf solely. till the Nadi Reader gets the precise leaf, he won't be ready to provide the precise predictions.


We would wish to stress upon the purpose that we'll not be ready to serve the people that may simply wish this out of curiosity. If they're destined to induce the predictions, then solely the leaf are going to be on the market.


Nadi astrology may be a valuable gift handed over to us by our intellectual ancestors. However, it's quite unfortunate to notice that no alternative kind of astrology has been criticized or manipulated as much as Nadi astrology .


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