Nataraja Temple of Chidambaram - Site of Shiva's Anand Tandava

Nataraja Temple of Chidambaram - Site of Shiva's Anand Tandava

Chidambaram, for most North Indians, is just the name of a celebrated lawmaker. Probably, it will be the name of the town where they live. You will know the significance of Chidambaram only when you attempt to understand South India and the sanctuaries there. Really at that time you will realize that the acclaimed Nataraja sanctuary is in Chidambaram itself. It is likewise called Chidambaram Temple. Situated around 280 kilometres south of Chennai and around 40 kilometres from Puducherry, this city has numerous huge and one of a kind sanctuaries. 

Chidambaram sanctuary festivities and day by day love customs:

The day by day love custom of the Chidambaram sanctuary is started by the way toward acquiring the Padukas of God a cart. He has six separate ceremonies performed for the day. Shivalinga is blessed in every one of these ceremonies. From that point forward, the day finished up by reclaiming God's footwear in a similar cart. 

The two significant celebrations of the Chidambaram sanctuary are Margali Thiruvathirai and Ani Tirumanjanan. In these merriments, God is set on a chariot, and his parade is taken out. The Nataraja sanctuary assumes control over the local area of Deekshidar Brahmins. A Dixidar Brahmin acquires the title of Marchak from his family after marriage. Even though it is accepted that these Brahmins brought Patanjali from Mount Kailash themselves, they appear to be more viable with Namboodiri in Kerala. 

Design of Nataraja Temple:

The complex of Nataraja Temple is spread over a region of ​​40 sections of land. The sanctuary complex is encircled by five layers of prakaras or yards, with the inward sanctum having a sanctum sanctorum. The Kul sanctuary follows regular Dravidian engineering. In any case, its shrine is average Kerala or Malabari style. 

  • Gopuram:-

There are a sum of nine gopurams encompassing the sanctuary. Four of the biggest gopurams are situated in four ways in space. They are taller than the Gopuram sanctuary. This primary sanctuary of normal tallness is seen ascending because of its sober gold top. The primary passageway is underneath the eastern Gopuram where one needs to experience a thin way to arrive at it. Numerous merchants selling puja material on the two sides of the tight street and footwear managers make it more restricted. The lower entrance segment of the Gopuram isn't painted. However, its upper superstructure is painted in numerous tones in a blue foundation. There are multiple gods on it which show different stories from the Puranas. 

Different stances of Bharatanatyam are engraved on little square squares of stone in the Gopuram's internal bit. There are smaller than expected sculptures on the front and back of Gopuram. Some of them are kept bolted. I was unable to comprehend why I finished this. 

A portion of the models are enhanced with materials and blossoms. They can't help suspecting that they are routinely adored while different icons are infrequently noticed. By my assessment, where there are symbols as Mahishasuramardini of the Goddess who murdered Mahishasura, just she is revered. I found the picture of a hairy man with pompous humour and collapsed hands exceptionally intriguing. As per my most realistic estimation, this sculpture would be of a lord who had disparaged this sanctuary eventually. On one side of it will be the sculpture of his significant other inside a little speciality. Other gopurams are likewise comparable for an uninformed watcher, and they don't have dance stances. 

  • Shiva Temple:-

There are immense halls inside the sanctuary, which are upheld by numerous colossal square columns. The extended highest points of these columns appear to shape structures over these halls. These sections are generally straight, yet their upper parts are engraved. Going through these hallways gives an impression of a very eminence. The internal peace of the sanctuary is different from the external environmental factors. It takes you to an alternate world and maybe an alternate time frame. 

  • Asylum of Nataraja Temple:-

The Chiti Sabha, i.e. the Conscious Room, the sanctum sanctorum of the Nataraja Temple, is known. It is a square wooden construction set on a stone base with plated rooftop. Its bizarrely skewed rooftop makes its engineering incredibly uncommon. The sculpture of Nataraja is introduced in the sanctum sanctorum. Inside the sanctum sanctorum can't experience the façade however enter from one side. There are such countless layers of garments and blossoms on the sculpture of Nataraja that you can't see a large portion of the Deity. Anyway, we are permitted to put in almost no time inside the sanctuary. 

Chidambaram, the word Chit and Ambar is produced using a mix of these two words. It is a real sense that implies the sky of awareness. Both these components are shown inside the sanctum sanctorum of the sanctuary. 

The Kanaka Sabha or Golden Room is arranged inverse the Chit Sabha. You realize that 22,400 is the number of human breaths that he requires in a day. Simultaneously, there are 42,000 veins in the body of a human. Kanaka Sabha is utilized in numerous ceremonies and for the darshan of the primary symbol. Chiti Sabha and Kanak Sabha are the focuses of the sanctuary. Any remaining segments are situated around them. 

There are 58 columns in the ballroom. It has given the type of chariot utilizing ponies and cycles. It is accepted that at this spot there was an opposition of dance among Shiva and Parvati in which Lord Shiva vanquished by playing out his celebrated vertical Tandava pose. 

The Raj Sabha or the 1000 column room is situated close to the Shiv Ganga lake. I can envision that the fans getting a charge out of the calm wind coming from the lake will be sitting in this room somewhat loose. A huge yard is engraved on its wall painting. Taking a gander at the support of the Raj Sabha, it appears to be practically deserted. 

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