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Most people need a New Orleans Divorce Lawyer before, during and, if the relationship ends, after the marriage is over because more or less half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. The concept of divorce has been around since the age of Hammurabi and has existed throughout history. Divorce was present in ancient roman times when Emperor Justinian codified what was to evolve into the modern concept of divorce. Divorce has gotten a bad reputation throughout the years. However, it is a civilized way to end a marriage. Considering the popularity of divorce today, it is a sound investment to all parties in a marriage to have a New Orleans Divorce Lawyer on retainer.
Just like people enter into marriages for a number of reasons, divorces are also caused by a number of reasons. Historically, there had to be a ‘cause’ for divorce such as adultery, bigamy, and impotence, among others. In other words, one of the persons in the marriage had to be at fault for whatever caused the divorce proceedings.
Nowadays depending in what state you reside, there could be more or less legal causes for divorce. Each of these legal causes depends on the particular circumstances of each couple. A New Orleans Divorce Lawyer can assist in determining which of these causes for divorce applies to your particular marriage scenario.
In the United States, California was the first state to implement a ‘no fault’ cause called divorce by mutual consent. After, other states adopted the ‘mutual consent’ cause for divorce, including Louisiana. Still, getting a divorce can be an expensive endeavor for all parties involved. New Orleans Divorce Lawyer often recommends amicable couples terminate their marriage via ‘mutual consent’ to avoid a lot of the expenses associated with getting a divorce.
Couples can enter into prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, which are called marital agreements in Louisiana. A New Orleans Divorce Lawyer can help you before your marriage by drafting a prenuptial agreement. Drafting the prenuptial can be done by an individual or jointly by both individuals with the guidance of a New Orleans Divorce Lawyer.
A New Orleans Divorce Lawyer can also help you during the existence of your marriage by drafting a postnuptial agreement concerning assets. These are a little trickier than the prenuptial agreements and more so if you want to modify them during the existence of the marriage. As such, couples and individuals should seek a New Orleans Divorce Lawyer to perform postnuptial agreements.
Obviously, a New Orleans Divorce Lawyer can be indispensable in the termination of a marriage. Looking back it is easy to see the importance of having a New Orleans Divorce Lawyer on retainer before, during and, if need be, after your marriage. Legal advice for divorce from a New Orleans Divorce Lawyer is a sound investment that will save you money in the long run considering that more or less half of all marriages end in divorce.
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