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Reforms Equity in Central Staffing Scheme Needed

Even after 72 years of Independence, the country has failed to bring in the much-needed administrative reforms in civil services and link promotions

Security mesh screens are hot

We love leaving our doors and windows open to allow the breeze to flow through our home. We also like our home to be secure. What we don’t love are

How to Recover Unsaved Excel file Workbook?

Using Excel spreadsheet for my office work but suddenly Excel application closed and then try to find the file again to restart the word but since I

Silk Roads Without People

China is very fond of Silk Roads. In 2013, a year after Xi Jinping was anointed Emperor of the Middle Kingdom, he initiated a Belt and Road

Family Business

My sixteen-year-old came with me to a Rolling Video Games event booked for Saturday at 2:00pm at a local school fundraiser.  We stopped the truck

Most Effective Travel Tips for You

Almost all of us have that list of Top 10 Tourist Places that we plan to cover in a time span of one year. To make each and every trip of yours

Modi Must Be Ready for Adverse Publicity

There will always be different versions of the story behind the Rs 700-crore aid that was reportedly offered to Kerala for its post-flood relief and

Global Mobile Artificial Intelligence Market

Annually the Global Mobile Artificial Intelligence Market movement would most likely give rise to appreciable improvements. It may well not alone

Global Robotics Technology Market

Custom robots are largely supplied, which are selected to market requirements. The robots are created to resolve niche application areas, which would

How to Create Latest Technology News

Technology is dominating the world today. You have smartphones, computers, and other gadgets that make lives easier and comfortable. If you wish to