Night At Dubai With Indigo Eye

As the sun dives into the shining Arabian Gulf and the extraordinary architecture starts to shine brightly, Dubai invites you to discover whole new aspects of the city that isn't always limited to its globally famous nightlife. Dubai has such a lot of other treasures to offer you.

6pm to 11pm In Dubai:

In the evening, each half of-hour from 6pm to 11pm, The Dubai Fountain, in downtown Dubai, involves lifestyles and becomes a mystical display a charm of the senses is the sound and light show of the biggest animated fountain in the world: over 83,000 liters of water sprayed within the air at a vertiginous top equivalent to a 50- storey building, staged orchestrated on a background of classical, Arabic and worldwide music.

Dubai Media City

Concertgoers will be able to check out the Dubai Media City Amphitheater's program of activities, where some of the largest concerts given by Bruno Mars and Alicia Keys attract a crowd of up to 15,000 fans. Situated near Dubai Marina, this unique venue hosts most important occasions consisting of the Dubai international film competition, the Dubai Jazz pageant and the taste of Dubai.

If you are inquisitive about sports activities, why not indulge in a game of night golf? The Emirates golfing club's Faldo direction is the most effective completely illuminated 18-hole championship golf course in the city.

Dubai Dessert Night:

Starting from Dubai and nearby towns, adventure awaits you within the sand dunes at sundown. The dune bashing you irritates? Ever desired to ride a camel? Or on the other hand would you want to dream of drive towards the vast nature reserve, want to discover the desert of the night diverse from daytime? If you hold the night vision binoculars under the sparkly sky, you feel like a movie hero.

Departure To The Desert Drive!

Take a four-wheel drive or Hire Rent A Car Dubai Online and drive through the Desert Conservation Reserve. The desert of the night when the sun fell is a great score!

Enjoy The Night With Dessert Safari

Look for animals with night vision binoculars in one hand! Nocturnal animals appear or show different faces from daytime. Recommendation is a scorpion floating in the dark night. The figure that glows with night vision is fantastic and striking!

Entertainment On Cruises In Dubai

If you're looking for a more memorable experience, swap the sand for the sea and embark on one of the cruises with dinner and entertainment on Dubai Creek. Upscale dinner aboard ships in the panoramic windows and under the delightful lights of Cruise, Romantic night panoramas if you want to see the city at night. For more eccentricity, do not miss Aprons & Hammers at Dubai Marina, and The Boardwalk at Dubai Creek's BBQ Donuts, which are actually inflatable boats with a "Do It Yourself" grill for eight.

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