Non-Surgical Rotator Cuff Repair Treatment for Shoulder Pain

A rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that support the pivot motion of the arm and helps in the stabilization of the shoulder. There are seven scapulohumeral muscles present in our shoulder and out them, four make up the rotator cuff. Rotator cuff injuries are very common, especially for individuals whose daily tasks involve frequent use of arm movements like painters and swimmers, or athletes involved in sports such as volleyball, basketball, and tennis.

If there is a severe injury, it may require surgical treatment. There are several medical centers offering Rotator Cuff Repair Treatment in India. However, for less severe cases, there are below mentioned non-surgical treatments for rotator cuff treatment:

  1. Rest - This is the most essential ingredient for a successful repair. Muscles cannot be expected to heal when they are in constant movement. Not allowing proper rest for your arm and shoulder may also result in enlarging the tear to the point where surgery is required. Using a sling can help to ease the pressure of gravity and limit the movement of your shoulder.
  2. Hot/Cold Packs - These are the first aid tools that help to facilitate a non-surgical repair and take the sting out of surgical pain. Apply an ice pack if you experience pain immediately following strenuous activity, such as overstretching your arm. The ice will help to control the swelling and it will ease the immediate pain. Apply a hot pack to help relax and loosen your muscles just before you go to bed or just before you plan to use your arm. The heat helps to increase the blood flow to the muscles, making them looser and more elastic. The application is advised not more than twenty minutes.
  3. Medications - Medications should be taken as advised by a doctor. Your doctor will recommend the proper medications to help with the rotator cuff repair process. Anti-inflammatory medications may help ease swelling if the rotator cuff tear is caused by an accident or by strenuous activity.
  4. Physical Therapy - This is another option that requires a doctor's supervision. There are some exercises that you can do to strengthen your rotator cuffs, but there are specific therapies, such as the Codman exercises, that are specifically used to help strengthen damaged rotator cuffs.

These are the non-surgical treatments that can be used to avoid Rotator Cuff Surgical Treatment. However, you should never attempt any sort of exercise at your own discretion. An experienced doctor must be consulted before opting for any Rotator Cuff Injury Treatment in India.

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