Nourish Yourself With A Different Health Approach

Health conscious attitude of the people and the mentality of going into the deep of everything have compelled the researchers to fetch the inventive measures and exploring new grounds that can enhance the strength of persons. The research institutions around the world have spent their resources in enhancing the skills of the staff and renewing their workplaces so that they can combine the most advanced version to provide various recovering measures to the people as a rule.

Prof. Julio Licinio stands on top position among the most acknowledged Deputy Directors of the Translational Medicine. He is, in fact, the head of the Mind and Brain Theme at SAHMRI (South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute). Apart from this, Prof. Julio Licinio is also working as a Strategic Professor in the University of Flinders of Adelaide which is situated in the southern part of Australia.

The career and research work of Julio Licinio

Prof. Julio Licinio has given an exceptional contribution in the field of medical science. His research work and findings have been published in twelve books. More than two hundred forty papers are also written on his research.

The role of leptin is the central focus of his research work. Leptin mainly focuses on giving the sense of satiety.

Out of other scientists of his group, Prof. Julio Licinio is the first person to discover the pro-cognitive effects and antidepressant value of leptin on individuals. He has also given his significant contribution to the scientific researches of the role of cytokines and Pharmacogenetics.

Prof. Licinio has worked in a number of international universities and for some journals. Here is a list of work which he did in the universities:

Head- German-Australian Institute for Translational Medicine ( GAITM)
Professor- David Geffen School of Medicine
Assistant professor of Psychiatry- Yale University
Director- John Curtin School of Medical Research
Temporary Advisor- World Health Organization
Visiting Professor- Paris Descartes University
Unit Chief- National Institute of Mental Health NIH Intramural Research Program

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