Office Workstation Layouts to Increase Productivity and Comfort

Your staff spends many hours at their desks. If workstations are not organized properly, staff will experience discomfort, loss of concentration and restlessness. After a while, they may become ineffectual in their jobs or may end up suffering from a repetitive strain injury.

Typically, the layout of a workspace will either enhance or detract from your company's goals. a great deal of analysis has emerged showing how the layout of office space - similarly because the layout of every workstation - will contribute to the elimination of work-related injuries, as well as staff emotional well-being and increased productivity.

The Importance of Office Space Design

To find the most-effective layout for your workspace, determine your goals. If your staff needs a minimum of distractions to handle detailed work tasks, the layout has to direct traffic patterns away from workstations and not toward them. If your staff works in teams, the configuration must ease and encourage team interaction, while providing every team member with the personal workspace. If your workspace is a call center, workstations should be organized to cut sound carryover.

Cubicles Provide Flexible, Freestanding Workstations

Freestanding workstations (cubicles) provide the most adaptable platform for workplace space. Cubicles will be organized to achieve the specified level of interaction, but also to decrease distractions and noise. They give the way to bring teams together, whereas still allowing ever-important personal privacy for every team member. Countless cube customization choices give flexibility for almost any work task. For example, cubicles are organized for single or shared use. You can even set up certain cubicles for managers with additional space for conferences. When workstations got to be added, removed or enlarged, cubes provide the latitude to do so quickly and easily without remodeling or moving walls.

Employee Workstation Customization

Depending on whether the staff is working on singular tasks, multitasking or one thing in between, individual employee workstation configurations will increase productivity and accuracy. The number and kind of tools the worker should use also impacts workstation configuration. If, for example, an employee works with a desktop computer but also must handwrite for some part of the day, extra desk surface is needed, ideally during a wraparound or "cockpit" configuration. If a worker receives or makes several phone calls, easy access to both the phone and the tools used to facilitate the calls (e.g., computer workstation) can cut down on call pickup delays and physical strain. Clutter and disorganization distract staff, causing a loss of motivation. A well-designed cubicle minimizes desktop clutter. Should you configure your cubicles with this in mind, you also may need to prohibit cubicle clutter by way of a policy in your employee handbook.

The employee is most engaged and successful when the work setting minimizes distractions and flows well. Ask your office furniture advisor for advice on space planning to ensure that you get the most flexible, flow-enhancing furniture possible.

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