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Online Registration For Leave And License Agreement

Getting a legal rent agreement can be a time consuming and cumbersome task if done manually. You’ll have to visit the office, explain your terms to be included in the rent agreement, register for the leave and license agreement, purchase stamp duty, get your biometric verification done and file the information in the government. After all these hassles, you’ll receive the final rent agreement.
Why waste your time and efforts in the task if you can leverage our doorstep services for the same? Yes, we will make the task of legal rent agreement registration and filing a seamless and effortless process for you.

Our Services

We offer doorstep delivery service of biometric verification and rent agreement to save people’s time and effort in leave and license agreement online process. The highlights of our services include:

     1. Online Platform

The users can easily draft their rent agreement online in our platform. Our user-friendly platform allows the users to fill the e-registration of leave and license form online, customize the clauses of the agreement according to one’s needs and then suitably book an appointment for biometric verification.

     2. Rent Agreement Consultant

We appoint a rent agreement consultant who takes care of your rent agreement registration requirements, offer suitable advice and then carry forward your application process accordingly.

     3. Biometric Verification At Doorsteps

We arrange doorstep biometric verification of both tenants and landlords according to their availability, so you can book an appointment with us according to your schedule. We can also arrange separate biometric verification for tenants and landlords if they are residing in different cities/areas.

     4. Filing The Rent Agreement

We take care of the entire rent agreement registration process from agreement, registration, verification, stamp duty requirements to delivery of e-stamped rental agreement. After the biometric verification, we file all the information and send to the government with 3 working days. Next, the hardcopy of the e-stamped document is sent at your doorsteps and itssoft copy is mailed.

     5. Police Verification And Notary Rent Agreement

We also arrange police verification for our customers and take care of the entire process of notary rent agreement.

     6. We have an easy process for notarized rent agreement

Registration. We also offer free consulting for e-registration of rent agreement. You can contact our help desk to ask for free advice and arrange rental agreement at your doorsteps. Free Advice


     7. Stamp Duty Calculator

We have a free stamp duty calculator for customer’s disposal in our platform. You can simply calculate a tentative rental agreement registration fee by filling all the details in the calculator.
So, if you are looking for expert service providers for Online Registered Rent Agreement in Pune and online Leave And License the you can opt for renteement.

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