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Namkaran Ritual/Puja, naming ceremony of neonate. it's performed to formally keep the child’s name supported Janma Nakshatra (Birth star) or name prompt by pandits in Bangalore. Book Online Pandit for Namakaran Puja in Bangalore providing Samskaras to the baby ceremonies, that is considered to be of utmost importance in shaping the character and up-bringing of a toddler.

The Rig Vedic literature prescribes the formula of giving a reputation with four components: the nakshatra name, the name of the supernatural being of the month, the family deity’s name, and also the common name by that the kid can typically be addressed .

The ceremony is performed by Book Online Pandit for Namakaran Puja in Bangalore beginning with Ganesha Puja, Kalash puja, Punyaha vachana, Namakaran is completed by whispering the child’s name within the right ear and vocalizing of vedic mantras and a hawan is performed for the graha shanti of the baby.

When to Perform Namkaran Puja?

Usually performed on the 11th/12th day, just in case the ceremony couldn't be performed on it day then it should be done once 3 months or on the baby’s 1st birthday. In bound elements of India, it's wiped out third, 5th, seventh or ninth month for women and in sixth, eighth month for boys.

The significance of Namkaran Puja:

  • The Namakaran Puja is that the 1st ceremony of a child’s life, it provides him/her a reputation, a singular identity.
  • This marks the start of his life as a personality's being and is acknowledged by everybody within the family and circles.

Book Online Pandit for Namakaran Puja in Bangalore ceremony is a crucial ritual that is performed for each Hindu kid. it's a observe of initiating a toddler into a faith and reminding the oldsters their duties and responsibilities towards their baby. Namkaran Puja is incredibly necessary because it helps in shaping the character and upbringing of a toddler. Namkaran puja signifies bestowing Sanskar on newborn that is performed with a joyous celebration. Namkaran Puja enhances the favorableness of the baby’s name. It brings smart luck, fortune, prosperity and success in baby’s life and nullifies negative effects.

Grah shanti may well be performed for obtaining eliminate grah dosh.

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