Options When Choosing Exterior Window Shutters

Wooden shutters enhance the architecture of your home. They adorn your home with beauty and they are available in a wide variety of styles and in different wood. There versatility ensures you choose the right wood and style that fits the architecture of your house. So, what are the guided steps towards installing exterior window shutters that will enhance the aesthetic of your house?

  1. Choose A Shutter

You need to know that there are six styles of shuttersy wooden (shuttersy drewniane). These include louvered, raised panel, space board, louver ad panel, batten, V-groove board and batten and Bahama shutters or Bermuda shutters. Therefore, the first thing to do is pick a shutter that suits your house architecture and style. You can also get a custom exterior shutter with decorative cut-outs or any other design of your choice.

  1. Choose A Wood For Your Shutters

By now you have selected the style you want for your window shutters. The next step is to pick a wood for your shutters. Even though, some companies offer mainly cedar, they also have other woods available. Some available options include cypress, mahogany and pine. You can even opt for knotty wood, only that the notes will be seen ever after painting or staining. Some companies’ will paint or stain the shutters at your request. However, it is good to pick the perfect stain or paint for your house. For best results and also maximize its durability, treat the entire shutter. Some companies add additional interest to your exterior wood shutters by offering shutter hardware. Such companies offer fully functional hardware that allows the shutter to open and close while still locking in place in either position. Most of the hardware available is wrought iron. Other hardware includes forged steel or aluminum. While some companies hand makes the hardware for you, others will link you to a site for this important hardware. Other shutters wyceba (shutters wyceba) companies offer custom pieces in case you do not find what you are looking for.

  1. Getting Correct Measurements

Thirdly, is measurement a very important part of the process. Incorrect measurements means that shutters and hardware will not fit correctly or even work as they should once installed. The most important measurement is the hinge offset as it allows for the smooth opening and closing of the shutter. For the width measurement of the shutter, measure the width of a single window and divide by two. Diving by two gives you the width of each shutter for the window. For the height measurement of the shutter, measure the total height of the window except the still. However, note that this measurement is just a rule of thumb. This it means that, if you select frame mount hinges or jamb mount hinges, your shutters may need additional measurements.

  1. Order

You have already decided on the shutter style to enhance the aesthetic of your house. You have also selected a top-quality wood, noted the hardware and made correct measurements. The only thing left to do is place the order and then wait for your beautiful exterior wood shutters to arrive. Many wooden shutters (okiennice drewniane) companies can have this shipped in just a few days.

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