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About Oracle Fusion SCM


Rainbow Training Institute impacts you to wrap up a specialist in Oracle Fusion SCM Online Training Explore we comparably spread both significant and explicit subjects amidst training period. We offer training on Fusion Financials, SCM, HCM, PPM, and Procurement. The Company is advanced by a social event of experienced authorities. Get orchestrated by Experience Certified Experts and give situation Assistance.


Oracle Fusion SCM Online Training will make stock system the board plans by using the limits using SCM Product. SCM empowers associations to collect and work world-class regard chains for gainful advancement.


Stock system Management (SCM) is an efficient method to manage the steady stream of information, materials, and organizations from unrefined material suppliers through assembling plants stockrooms to the end customer.


Oracle SCM Online training contains three Modules Inventory Management, Order Management, and Oracle Purchasing. These Modules changes your generation arrange from handy need to an advantage. Oracle SCM courses of action offer the broadest and most significant extent of capacities to modernize the exercises over the intrigue, supply, and thing.


Modules Offering at the Functional side :


  1. Oracle Fusion Inventory


  1. Oracle Fusion Inventory Costing


  1. Oracle Fusion Product Management


  1. Oracle Fusion Purchasing


  1. Self Service Procurement


  1. Supplier Portal


  1. Supplier Qualification


  1. .Procurement Contracts


  1. Procurement Sourcing


  1. Oracle Fusion Order Management


Modules Offering at Technical side :


  1. 1. Spreadsheet Loader


  1. 2. Archive based data Loader


  1. 3. .Fusion Security


  1. 4. BPM Approval Process


  1. 5. BI and OTBI Reports


Oracle Inventory Modules :


  • Introduction of Inventory


  • Define Master Item


  • Assign Item to OrganizatioN


  • Copy Attributes from Item


  • Define sub inventories and Locators


  • On-hand Qty Checking


  • Transactions like irregular receipts and issues


  • Move demand trades


  • Inter association trades


  • ABC examination


  • Counting looks like physical, cyclic and recharging


  • Planning reports like Min-Max, Reorder Point and Safety stock updates


  • Generate critical stock reports


  • Different Types of Move Orders and Their Transactions


  • Types of Items and Item associations


  • Item Catalog creation and Usage


  • Item trademark controls, Item status properties and their utilization


  • Define Workday timetable with uncommon case formats.


  • Define Inventory Locations


  • Learn about each and every Option in Inventory Parameters, Item Master and Sub Inventory


  • Learn about available key flex fields in Inventory


Course Content :


  • Introduction to Oracle SCM Cloud :


  • Introduction to Oracle cloud


  • SAAS,PAAS and IAAS Overview


  • Oracle Fusion SCM cloud Capabilities: Overview


  • Navigation Basics


  • Resources


Preface to utilitarian setup head and Quick setup


  • Implementation masterminding


  • Roles and Responsibilities


  • Offerings


  • Implementation Considerations


  • SCM streamlined setup: Overview


  • Automated setup of SCM customary parts


  • Simplified setup: Time hold reserves


  • Best practices


Declaring and Business Intelligence for SCM :


  • Explain Reporting and Business Intelligence for SCM


  • Configure OTBI, RTF Templates for trading documents and Dashboard estimations.


SCM Oracle Order Management: Overview


  • Order Entities and Order Flows in SCM


  • Multiple Organization Access Control Setup


  • Oracle SCM Inventory Setup for Oracle Order Management


  • Oracle Receivables Setup for Oracle SCM Order Management


  • Oracle Order Management Setup Steps


  • Holds, Order Purge, and Exception Management Setup


  • Basic Pricing Setup


  • Overview of Shipping Execution in SCM


  • Shipping Execution Setup.




All around Experienced in the two procedures Offline and Online Methods.


Expertly fit the bill for indicating Oracle Fusion SCM


Both speculatively and in every way that really matters well inclination.

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