Outlining Some Of Men’s Casual Dress Guidelines


Looking good in a suit is not something that needs a lot of practice. An experienced and good tailor is enough to make any suit look absolutely contoured and flattering. The only thing men have to do in wearing a suit is to select and tie the tie.

But for the casual attire, things are slightly different. This is because the suit tends to complement itself but there is no such option available where casual dress for men is concerned. All the different components of this attire need to be mixed and matched based on ones perception of how a men’s casual dress should look like.

The history of the men’s casual dress actually dates back in time to one of the most stylish decades the world has ever seen, the 1950s. Thus it would not be wrong to say that the need for an alternate life which was different from both the austerity of the war which had just ended and the corporate world boredom was the reason behind the rise of the men’s casual attire. The rock and roll generation teenagers, young adults and men wanted to reject the stuffiness of the suit and took to the freedom that the jeans and t-shirts represented with a readiness that was simply amazing.

All rules of casual dress simply say that there are actually no rules, just some guidelines which specifically pertain to:

  • Paying attention to the fit: The fit is of the casual attire is of extreme importance and depends totally on the looks that are being aimed at and the body type of the wearer. While traditionally casual attire consisted more of a slim fit, today there is perceivable tilt towards looser styles. Thus boxy shirts and wide legged trousers are becoming more popular with fashion houses now.
  • Comfort makes more sense: The attire is casual and thus comfort is something which any man wearing it will seek. But it hardly makes sense to be investing in clothes that one does not feel comfortable in. Hence men should always prefer wearing what they feel is right for them rather than wearing something and becoming self-conscious in it.
  • Simplicity is the rule of the game: The casual outfits for men should necessarily be simple so that easy and straightforward garments can together create an impact of simplicity and effortless styling. Unfussy and pared back clothing is what all men look at when they think of casual dressing.
  • Taking care of the details: Even a casual archetypal ensemble can be worn in many different ways. The typical casual dress T-Shirt can either be tucked in, tucked out or be left half-tucked. Sleeves can either be rolled up or rolled down to cover the hands. Jeans can either be pin rolled or tailored and the cut of the same can either be slim, relaxed, tapered or cowboy styled etc. While these variations seem very subtle, they can make a huge difference to the total outcome of the casual attire. Thus details of dressing should always be looked into so as to have a good sense of style displayed in the casual attire worn.
  • Following trends intelligently: It is generally known that following the masses always leads to trouble. So is the case with casual attire since every day new trends seem to be coming up. While it is practically difficult to stay up with the changing trends, following them and getting stocked up can also lead to a fashion faux pass. Thus it is always best to dabble in the ongoing trends but never spend big amounts of money on the same.

A good rule which defines casual attire is to opt for one trendy item in the attire and go classic with the rest. This mix is sure to make for a win-win situation.

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