Pick the Best Fit for Your E-commerce Business: Ruby on Rails (RoR) vs Shopify

If you are looking for a development environment that will make writing your capacitive code structures simpler, while making it easy to create software that has advanced functionality and is scalable, and still giving excellent performance when assembling, then no doubt you have considered Ruby on Rails (RoR) or Shopify. Here is a look at both of them and their advantages to help you make a decision.


  • Seamless working. Most people who use this platform enjoy it because all the pieces seem to work flawlessly together. This is because the same company builds them all. Shopify builds the shopping cart, the website, inventory, and payment system so that they can sync up without any challenges.
  • The technical aspects are built in. Shopify has built everything in so that you don’t have to worry about being responsible for hosting, speed and security. The store works fast and is very secure.
  • Multiple payment gateways. When you are running a store online, then one of the main challenges that you face is handling payments. Shopify is simply plug and play when it comes to payment gateways. Anyone who uses other platforms such as Magento or WordPress must be ready to pay more for each gateway that is added.
  • Easy Administration. Shopify has been designed in such a way that a storeowner can easily work the back end to add products, serve customers, and set up things. It has been made very simple with drop down settings, a setup checklist and analytics fields.
  • A support team. Shopify comes with a support team that is dedicated. This means that unlike WordPress you don’t have to get help from the community when you need it. The forums that have been set up offer helpful services that are very detailed.
  • Third Party Professionals and Developers. Shopify does a good job of encouraging designers, developers, and consultants to familiarize themselves with their platform. As such, they have created a network or vetted professionals who can help with whatever you need including marketing help, custom designing, and apps.
  • Friendly pricing. When you begin with shopify it is ideal when it comes to cost, however with time in can get a bit pricey. It works well initially because you do not pay any upfront fees, the small stores only pay a transaction fee. As the store grows they move the store into a different pay system where they pay a monthly fee. This set up means that the business people don’t have to worry about paying an amount in lump sum and can instead put their money to purchasing more inventory. Another advantage is that you don’t have to sign a contract to get on. Should you decide to close shop all you have to do is cancel the monthly payment.
  • Built-in Tools. These include cross sells, upsells, coupon codes, a blog, inventory management and analytics are all available.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails (RoR) has the following benefits:

  • Quick Development. Ruby on Rails experts will confirm that it is an easy one to work with and you can easily develop on it from scratch. It is ideal for large-scale solutions and provides a large database. It also has many tools that you can use to create future websites. This makes it an easy platform to work with and a favorite for many developers who are creating complex architectural sites or those that are being bound to other data stores such as online learning sites, online shops, or corporate websites.
  • Easy to learn. Learning how it works is pretty easy even though it can build complex websites. The programming language is object-oriented which means that the code has strict boundaries for structure construction. This means that beginners can quickly and easily master the basics which takes about a month.
  • Lower costs. Most times the budget that has been assigned to developing the website tends to increase as the work progresses. With Ruby on Rails (RoR) the cost of the site will be influenced by how long it takes to develop the website. As such, the best way to manage costs is to do the work in the shortest time possible. This means that when you hire Ruby on Rails developer you should find out how long it will take to get the job done as this will influence the cost.
  • Database integration. Ruby on Rails integrates with databases with a lot of ease. This means that some of the basic coding is reduced and the developer can focus his or her attention on coding the main functionality of the site.
  • Large community. There are many topical forums available for if anyone has a question and people are always willing to assist.
  • Experienced developers. Ruby on Rails developer India and in other places are actually readily available to do the work needed. These developers have plenty of work experience and can develop the website in a short time. With the advice they offer you will be able to maximize on your websites productivity.
  • Free plugins. There are very many available plugins with Ruby on Raise. This makes it easily customizable to the needs of the business. You are able to us advanced e-commerce services, integrate an exclusive social network and so much more. It is actually the number one choice for startups.
  • Standardized code. If you were to bring in a developer to maintain a site that is currently running and hopefully add on to it, they would have to spend time reviewing the code to understand what the person who built it wrote. With RoR things are different! You can Hire Ruby on Rails Programmer and he will be able to quickly pick up where the other person left off because the code is mostly standardized. Considering that time is of the essence, it is good to know that the designer will not be wasting it reviewing ambiguous designs.

You will have to consider the advantages of both and figure out which one works best for you and for the site that you are interested in building.

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