Plied over the Yoga Sessions with Bathmat Warehouse’s Top Gear

Summary: The yoga mats made in cotton are available at a good deal over Bathmat Warehouse’s web page. They are for an everyday use and can be tossed and turned without much hassle.

Plying over the yoga sessions for a long time and now wish to go to the Billabong Retreat down in Maraylya, Australia? Don’t think twice and order a yoga mat from Bathmat Warehouse now. Didn’t you always wanted to spend a single yoga class without worrying about the yoga mat slipping underneath you? Or the threads loosing and unraveling in front of your crush? There’s a simple solution for a fly in the ointment.

The cotton yoga mats from BW, are comfortable, soft and user-friendly. They come with such hidden features that they give a fighting chance to all the rest in the Australian market.

  • Made with intricate detailing in cotton top and a natural latex bottom.
  • They can be cleaned by a damp cloth or if the weather demands, toss them in the washer.
  • They are accompanied by a cotton shoulder bag which can be carried on with ease.
  • The mat comes in the standard size of 60x190 and weighs just 1 kg.

The yoga mat which are skin-friendly and won’t cause a rash even during the friction from the exercises, are rare to be found. They come in meticulous colors of pink, blue, beige and green, all in the subtle range, in order to not grab all the attention. All yoga enthusiasts may find the yoga mat Australia Online available to be an easy purchase.

The yoga mats guarantee to stick by you, literally, even during the most intense workout. This means, they are anti-slippery due to their latex bottom. And being eco-friendly, these yoga mats can be bought without guilt.

The cotton yoga mats are true to their name, as cotton is the most friendly and breathable fabric, known to man. Proving that they can be washed easily and dry the soonest as well. And the size in which is made, can be used by anyone. No matter what the person’s size and height is, they can easily use this yoga mat.

Here’s, the piece de résistance: these cotton yoga mats are made in the home-town of Yoga. Where yoga’s roots are deeply rooted! India! The Indian made yoga mats are intricately designed for Australians who not only love the cardio-vascular exercise but also believe in practicing it without fail.

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