PMP Certification is the missing puzzle piece to your Career!

PMP Certification is one of the most popular Project Management Certification. It is one of the highly valued certification in the market. It is recognized worldwide and people opting for this PMP Course have the chance to get better opportunities worldwide. PMP Certification displays that the personnel is a certified Project Manager and have acquired skills and knowledge required to lead or manage Projects.

Before Applying for PMP Certification exam there are some requirements and criteria you need to meet to confirm your Eligibility:

Eligibility criteria for PMP are as follows:

If you have High school degree then you should have

  1. Minimum of 5 yrs professional experience
  2. Minimum 7500 hrs experience of leading and directing projects.
  3. 35 hrs of Formal project management experience.


If you have College/university degree then the requirements are:

  1. Minimum of 3 yrs professional experience
  2. Minimum of 4500 hours PM experience.
  3. 35 hrs of formal project management experience.

After you have checked your Eligibility and are ready to go ahead you need to earn 35 hours of Project Management Education. There are a number of Institutes offering PMP Training Workshop.

The Training mostly comes in 2 modes:

  • Classroom Training
  • Online Training

You can take the training in whichever mode you find convenient and are comfortable with.

After you are done with your 35 hour mandatory PMP Training and the preparations for the exam, You need to apply for PMP exam with PMI. PMI reviews your application and if it is accepted you have to pay the exam fees, PMI will send you Instructions regarding the exam and then you can schedule your exam at any one of the Prometric centers located near to you.

You can attempt the exam and find out the result there itself. If you pass, the “PMP” credential is applicable to you.

Most big companies around the world expect a PMP Certified Manager to manage the Projects. So the chances of landing Project are high if you are PMP certified. The PMP Certification is acknowledged all over the world, Hence the Practices and Skills you learn during your PMP Training can be implemented in Organizations all over the world. A PMP Certified Individual will follow all the rules and guidelines when working on a challenging Project.

The PMP Certification proves that the person has genuine Project Experience, since it is one of the prerequisites to attend the exam. A PMP Certified Professional will get more salary then a Project Manager who is not PMP Certified even if he has more work experience. Your Professional Network increases and you get the opportunity to be a part of a community where you can meet more experienced individuals. There are many online forums and communities where PMP Certified individuals Share tips and content regarding Project Management.

PMP Certification surely is going to enhance your career and give you an edge over others in this Challenging Professional Career race.

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