Porcelain Tile - A Great Choice for Any Situation

Porcelain tile has been a favorite flooring material in kitchens and baths for several years. It is a ceramic tile that may be glazed or unglazed. There is no clear distinction between a ceramic tile and a porcelain tile except one is way more impervious to moisture than the other. If you want to see different and unique types of porcelain tiles then visit Tiles in Bangalore

It is created by combining clay and other materials together and firing it at very high heat. This firing method hardens the tile and depending on the length of your time and the temperature can lead to how hard the tile can become and how fast it will be to water. Ceramic tiles are usually not as hard as porcelain tiles because they're fired for a much shorter time.

What Is It Used For?

It is used as a flooring material or can be used on walls. The glazed version is favored for bathroom walls. It’s a low water absorption rate thus it's ideal for areas that may probably become wet.

These kinds of tiles are graded based on their hardness and the ability to resist water absorption. There’s a scale that's set that rates the porcelain tile from zero to five with the toughest being five. The more durable tiles are utilized in flooring and wall applications while the lower rated material is used as an electrical insulator is appliances and different electronic devices.

It is very chip resistant and is absolutely permissible to be used on counter high surfaces, in several instances ceramic ware tile isn't solely additional resistant than natural stone however it can also be easier to worry for. It doesn't need any special sealants or treatments and might be less absorbent than natural stone.

Best Types

The best types are usually the kind that has reached the best rating. In fact, lower grade tiles are fine for sure applications. Usually, the lower rated tiles are used on walls while the upper rated tiles are used on flooring applications.

There are many considerations when choosing:

  • Outdoor applications would require frost proof tiles; these are the toughest rated tiles.
  • Look for an indication that it's a full-bodied tile. This implies that the color of the tile goes all the way through the tile and this can be the toughest time. In flooring applications, this is really a necessity. Some are manufactured with only a glaze of color; the glaze will wear over time.
  • Porcelain tile won't have similar design choices that a ceramic tile has. The process limit's the styles that may be imprinted on the tile, so usually; it's going to be only of one color.

Whatever the application is there's one that will be the perfect product to use.


Porcelain tile is expensive, not prohibitive in cost by any means but more expensive than ceramic tiles, but well worth the additional prices.

The cost can largely be settled by the tiles rating and the color or design of the tile. The size will play a role in prices. Most home improvement stores can have an array of porcelain tile to choose from.

Porcelain tile is a nice material to work with; it's long lasting and stain resistant. It’s an easy-care surface that may be quickly cleaned using plain water.

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