Pressure Washer Proper Maintenance, Plus Some Do's And Don'ts

If you want to clean home sidings and porches efficiently and effectively, pressure washers Derby can easily be your best friend. Though a relatively costlier cleaning equipment Sheffield, a power washer is a reliable machine that can make your home’s exterior look as good as new.
In this feature, we’re rounding-up some important tips on how to properly maintain this ultra-beneficial cleaning gear.
Before Use
Check the engine oil. Make sure that the oil you will be using is a manufacturer-recommended one. Check both the levels of engine oil and fuel. If they’re running low, top them off first before using your cleaning equipment Sheffield.
Check the inlet and in-line screens. Before every use, always check if these screens are clogged or not. Clean them first with clean water if there’s any dirt or debris. If they’re damaged, it’s safer to have them replaced.
Check the hoses. To keep pressure washers Derby well-functioning, make it a habit to check the hoses and couplings. Inspect if there are any cuts or leaks, and rinse them out if ever they’re clogged.
After Use
Make sure the cleaning detergent is flushed. Before shutting down the engine, make sure that you are able to flush the cleaning detergent you have used. Do this by running a clean water throughout the system for about two minutes.
Make sure pressure is removed from the power washer’s system. After flushing the detergent (and ensuring that the water in the line is al expelled), relieve the pressure from the system. Disconnect all the hoses from the pump, and do not forget to remove the high-pressure hose from the machine’s spray gun.
Make sure all remaining liquids are pumped out. To do this, make it a habit to pull the recoil handle at least five or six times. You will notice that there will still be a small amount of water that can come out from the pump.
Do’s and Don’ts to Keep in Mind
To further ensure the longevity of your pressure washer, bear in mind these following do’s and don’ts:
* Do make a 50% anti-freeze-and-50% water solution when preparing for extended storage during the winter season. Run the solution through the pump to prevent it from freezing.
* Do examine the screens for any build-up of dirt and other debris on a regular basis.
* Do refer to your machine’s manual of instructions on how to properly clean fuel filters. Clean it a few times annually.
* Do verify if the supply hose’s gallon-per-minute output is appropriate and adequate for your power washer.
* For hot water units, turn off the burner first and wait for it to cool down (about 2 minutes) before shutting down the engine.
* Don’t let your pressure washer freeze.
* Don’t let this cleaning equipment Sheffield run if the engine oil is metallic or milky.
* Don’t let the hoses be kinked or entangled.
* Don’t continue to use the machine if you find water leaking from it. Seal the affected area first before running the power washer again.
* Don’t ever run this cleaning gear at an angle.
Aqua clean can help you prolong the life of your ever reliable pressure washers Derby. Let our team show your cleaning equipment Sheffield some TLC. Contact us today!

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