Protect Your Outdoor Space With the Louvered Roof System

The Australian weather has been changing, and it is often unpredictable. Rain and winds can pop at any moment, and it is advisable to protect your backyard or patio as much as possible because the harsh Australian climate can affect their quality. If you want to protect your patio at the same time add value to your house, the retractable louvred roof is an excellent option!

What is a retractable roof and why are they so popular?

A retractable roof is a flexible fabric braced by extruded aluminium profiles. The fabric of the louvred roof provides protection from all the natural elements, making it an ideal solution for shading the outdoors. They are the most popular outdoor shade system due to the following reasons:

• An Open Air Retractable Louvred Roof can be customised to any design and configuration. Each roof is custom-designed to fit any space.

• You can add walls, door, or even blinds to the roof for creating a cosy outdoor space that is comfortable.

• Retractable roofs are ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

• The roofs can be retracted to expose dining and living areas to the sky overhead as well as closed to protect from rain, excessive UV rays, and wind.

Before you call in a professional to set up an adjustable retractable louvred roof, there are some essential factors that you need to consider to choose the best that suit your needs.

Where do you want to install them?

Maybe the patio of your dreams doesn’t even exist, but an adjustable louvred roof makes a great addition to any patio or backyard. Determine whether you want them to install on the existing slab or not. In fact, installing this roof to an existing structure is quite easy and simple, and it would not cost you more.

Are you upgrading your existing cover?

Does your backyard or patio have a roof structure to it that you want to replace? A bit of demolition will be involved in the installation of a new roof to get it fixed properly.

What kind of roof do you need?

When it comes to backyards and decks, there is a wide range of structures to choose from for shade and inclement weather protection. What makes the louvered roof system so popular is that its adjustability. With this system, you don’t have to choose between shelter and sunlight. It provides you both the functionality.

With a new retractable louvred roof in Perth, the outdoor living possibilities are endless! Think of all the great ways you are going to put it to use before you get it installed so that you can add all the necessary features.

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