Publishers Alert : Earn more Money with your Website from the Highest Paying Ad Network

Publishers Alert : Earn more Money with your Website from the Highest Paying Ad Network
Monetizing your website traffic - especially with Ad networks - can at times be daunting for a website owner, webmaster, or Blogger. Deciding whom to pitch your tent with based on: who converts best for you, who don’t eat too deep into your revenue, how trustworthy is their payment system, and how favorable to you, as a publisher, are their terms.

While all the considerations above are valid for an obvious reason, however, if you’re in need of an Ad network that has all the above considerations well taken care of, you should check out . is a contextual advertising network based on content targeting ads. It’s an easy way for webmasters, website owners and bloggers to earn money by displaying related ads on their websites or blogs.

Here are some reasons that show you’re going to earn more money as a publisher with StudAds :

You keep 80% of Your Revenue (Highest in the Industry)

The Stud Ads Publisher program lets you keep 80% of whatever revenue generated from advertisers through your web property. Unlike most Ad networks that eat deep into your pocket, Stud Ads publishers earn the highest revenue share percentage obtainable within the industry.

You Earn the Highest Possible Revenue from Impressions and clicks

With the bidding system in place, Stud Ads only displays Ads from the highest bidder on your website. This lets you earn the highest possible amount of money from every Ad impression and click that your site generates, and you will see a constant improvement in your earnings over time. This helps you derive maximum financial reward from every visitor traffic.

$10 Minimum Payout

Allowing you withdraw your money when it’s as low as $10 is another factor that makes worth considering. Every publisher within the StudAds network is paid every month via PayPal, so far he/she has meet the minimum payout requirement; the money is remitted to their PayPal account without any catch or strings attached. In addition to that, Stud Ads does payout through Bank wire Transfer too, and the charges involved are considered for payout through this medium.

Other factors that make worth trying out are:

All sizes of Publishers are Free to apply

In addition to other Ad networks paying you less than you ought to earn in terms of percentage revenue share, their entry barrier is sometimes too stringent for small publishers. However, this is not so with StudAds , as the application process is very easy and there are no mountain-sized conditions to be meet before you’re accepted.

Although, the bigger a publisher is, the larger his/her revenue, Stud Ads believes that the small publisher will someday become big.

Either big or small, you can begin here to join

Quick Responsive Support and Easy to Use

Although, integrating Stud Ads to your website or blog is very easy and straightforward, with further instructions here. The ever-ready and highly responsive support staffs of Stud Ads are always on hand to help you resolve any issue you might have while setting up with them or to answer further questions about the Stud Ads publisher program, and clear whatever doubts you might have. Register with them if you want to earn more money from your website or blog.

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