Quick Uncontested Divorce Louisiana

Many people call our office in New Orleans trying to get a quick uncontested divorce for one reason or another, but the main purpose is simple: they no longer want to be married to their spouse. We always explain the various ways to get a divorce, but it always comes down to the quickest and most inexpensive way to do it. In Louisiana, if you are separated from your spouse for 6 months and do not have a minor child born during the marriage, you have passed the first major step. If you have a minor child or children then you must be separated from your spouse for a year. Of course we can still file the divorce if you are not, but that is the quickest way to get divorced. Louisiana State Law requires that legal separation period before the divorce is finalized. There are many reasons to file the divorce and wait the time frame out, but in this article we are focusing in on the Quick Uncontested Divorce in Louisiana.

If you are eligible for the quick divorce the next step is to know if your spouse will sign a one page form accepting the divorce papers. This step is sometimes tricky for people as they may not want to have contact with their spouse. We try to help in this department, but are limited to whether or not that spouse wants to make the situation easier. We refer to uncontested divorces as ones that do not need to have a hearing in court in Louisiana. There may be property, children, or support, but the parties agree among themselves on those issues.

The other issues that would prevent a quick uncontested divorce or perhaps slow the process are pregnancy, adoption process, active military service, and if the parties entered into a covenant marriage. Don’t worry you would know if you did! The process of the quick uncontested divorce is straight forward and is typically handled in four to six weeks. The time frame various by location as places like St. Bernard Parish, St. Charles Parish, St. John’s Parish and Covington have fewer Judges that are available when needed. We can always expedite the process for an additional fee. The quickest we can get divorces done is perhaps one week or so. Additionally, court costs vary between parishes from $400 to $450 in Jefferson Parish.

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