Noida: The Affordable Real Estate Sanctuary

Because real estate is never affordable, right?

Affordable real estate.

Okay fine, in utter disbelief, I just giggled to myself at the thought of affordable real estate. Because real estate is never affordable, right?

That bar of chocolate that you like to binge on over the weekends could be affordable; or perhaps, that maroon blouse you saw last week, at the mall, could be super affordable. But affordable real estate? Let us take our time to mock this idea, firstly.

However, the term, affordability is very subjective. A property worth ₹2 crore could be real affordable for someone with a bank account overflowing with money. But, I am here to talk about the average, middle-class population; the kind that dreams of upgrading their lifestyle from a rented 2 BHK to an owned, spacious 3 BHK apartment.

I want to touch Noida as an affordable real estate sanctuary.

Oh yes, property in Noida is quite affordable. At least when you compare it to places like, Gurgaon and Delhi.

  1. Rent Price

According to Numbeo, rent prices in Noida are 37.34% lower than in Gurgaon. Also, rent prices in Delhi are 40.58% higher than in Noida. So, if the rent price of your 3 BHK apartment in a posh locality of Noida is ₹27000; the rent price of that same 3 BHK apartment in a posh locality of Delhi will be around ₹42,000. The difference seems to be rather considerable, I believe.

Clearly, the property in Noida; commercial or residential, is cheaper. Why should you have to pay an amount so much more for real estate that is similar to that of Gurgaon’s and Delhi’s?


  1. Infrastructure

The infrastructural quality of roads in Noida is excellent, as compared to Gurgaon. Some of the biggest real estate developers have ensured incessant monition of premium architecture and construction quality, in Noida realty market. Flats in Noida are just as spacious, luxurious and beautiful as flat in Gurgaon. No wonder big companies like, Amazon, Ameriprise, Samsung and so many more, have set up their fancy offices in Noida.

  1. The Residential Set-Up

We all know exactly how advanced the residential arrangement of Gurgaon is. You’ve got the swimming pool, spa, gym, well-equipped sports facilities, and almost everything to everything that you would expect to be outside of your residential premises.

But, did you know that the ready to move flats in Noida offer you the same variety of fancy facilities? And all that mentioned above, at a price far lesser than your imagination!

Welcome to RG Residency, where Happiness comes Home.

Talking about affordability, RG Residency is probably one of the best options, for a home buyer, looking to buy 3 BHK flats in Noida. It’s strictly unfair to pay a higher amount for an apartment in Gurgaon, when you can own a gorgeous 3 BHK in Sector 120, Noida, starting at ₹72 lakhs only.

You have got the world here, at RG Residency. Premium views from the top floors, beautiful hues in the form of the greenest podium garden ever, a festive neighbourhood for over 1300 families, and a whole lot more. You need to come see the site, to believe these words.

And we’ve got a festive WOW offer rolled out, just for you, where you get to avail exciting electronic appliances like, TV, AC, fridge, and furniture like, bed, sofa and a whole lot more. Book your home at RG Residency and win assured prizes worth ₹2,00,000!

To know more about this exciting offer, call now at 1800-3002-3008.

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