Plots In SRP City – Vrindavan

Shree Radha Paavan City in vrindavan is best location property in Mathura Vrindavan

Plots In SRP City-Vrindavan 

SRP CITY Vrindavan :

Shree Radha Paavan city is located in vrindavan on National Highway 2 opposite to Sanskriti University and have plots of 66.66 sq yrds, 80 sq yrds, 160sq yrds at very low rate and No cost EMI facility is also available.

Rates are Rs6250 per sq yards but till 1 oct 2018 rates will be Rs6000 per sq yrds.


Vrindavan is one of the main area in BRIJ BHUMI. Vrindavan is famous for Shree Krishna’s Raas leela. And belived that in his childhood age he lived here. Thats why this place is to be considered as holy place due to which this place is developing at a good speed and a huge number of pilgrims visit this daily, due to which income of people living there and runnng shops, small busniess and industries are earning well.

And Now the government of Uttar Pradesh headed by Cheif Minister Yogi AdityaNath has allocated a budget of 402 crore only to Mathura Vrindavan for its betterment. And rates of property in vrindavan will be hitting height soon. That’s why it is the best time to invest in property in vrindavan and buy plots in SRP city and invest at a good rate and get more ROI after sometime. CITY Vrindavan

The main purpose of this city is to provide plots in the region which is next to heaven. Where there once lord Krishna lived then how much positive energy was found there, it is belived that lord krishna comes in vrindavan and do raas leela and no one is allowed to see that.



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