Reasons to visit an incredible city, Córdoba

Córdoba is a city from Community Autonomous Andalusia, and it is located in the north of the area. Across the city is an attraction to any tourists who visit it due to a long history. Its location closes to the river Guadalquivir and the riches of the earth changed it in a perfect place to be conquered by different peoples. It was the official settlement of Phoenicians and Greeks and Cordoba became a strategic point of mining and trade thanks to the navigability of the river.

Some public transportation networks are available to come to the city, as train and bus. However, it is very highly desirable if you come with your own car, and you will enjoy wonderful landscape through the road and freedom travel. In the case that you do not have car, you could car hire Malaga airport or from another city. In order to check for more information, click here.

Córdoba is full of churches, palaces, famous painters, Mediterranean food, art, etc; all these stuffs conquer the city in a unique and special place that you should visit. Between different places to visit in Córdoba, you find:

  • Mosque-Cathedral: this building is an emblematic symbol of the city. During the visit you will travel around the past and you can enjoy the characteristics of the Cathedral which are joined with Arabian characteristics of the Mosque. The main door to go into the building is “Puerta del perdón” (in the north) of Mudejar-style. When you go into the Mosque, you will find the “Patio de los Naranjos” (Oranges Garden), an enviable hall to the tourists.
  • Alcazar and Caballerizas Reales: it is a fortress and palace, where inside you can see an important development relates to the history of the city. This place was an important place for people who had presided the city. All visitants are attracted by any construction and garden where you see exotic and incredible plants and flowers. The Mudejar garden is the most wonderful.
  • Medina Azahara: this field is located to 7 km of the city. Its mandatory visit is for all tourists who want to know about legacy Spanish-Muslim. Its history started with Abderraman III, it was a city where people lived and worked. The visits to this place can be in groups or private, even you have a specialist guide. Nowadays, this place is within a process in order to change as world heritage site. This field is the biggest one in Spain.

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