Reasons Why Spring is the Best Time to Have Your Chimney Cleaned

Spring is the best time for cleaning out your closet, revitalizing your garden, and taking care of house maintenance tasks that have been ignored in the colder months. There is something about being able to enjoy the warm outside air that helps to get indoor air spaces freshened up. But, how fresh can your home be if the chimney and fireplace haven’t been cleaned since winter?

As you begin the spring cleaning process, why not schedule your annual chimney sweep in St Louis? While many of you don’t think about scheduling a chimney cleaning until fall is knocking at the door, there are a plethora of benefits to having your chimney swept earlier this year.

Why is it essential to have your chimney cleaned in the spring?

After a heavy usage, your chimney will have a sizable amount of creosote accumulated on its inner walls. Creosote is a natural component that develops during combustion, and it is problematic as it leads to unpleasant odors invading your house. Besides, it also creates a dangerous fire hazard in the chimney as it is flammable. In fact, according to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, creosote is the leading cause of chimney fires. This is why it is important to have your chimney professionally inspected and cleaned in the spring to ensure there are no water leaks that lead to masonry damages.

Reduce the effects of residue buildup

Creosote buildup and soot left in the masonry flue can age your unit faster and leads to costly chimney repair in St Louis MO as well. After the fireplace has been used in the winter, have it thoroughly cleaned with the help of professional technicians.

Detect problems earlier

If you are experiencing any structural issues within the unit, the warmer spring months are a great time to handle the issue. A professional inspection can help detect the problems earlier within your chimney and fix them before the chill. The technician can work faster and efficiently and they may also have a flexible solution to the repairs.

Reduce odors

Leftover debris inside the walls can get stinky, especially when summer’s humidity hits your house. Sweeping the chimney can help lessen the odors permeating from the flue.

Flexible chimney cleaning schedules

There is no wonder the chimney cleaning companies in St Louis get busier during the fall months. By scheduling the spring chimney cleaning you can have more flexibility.

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