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How to make Kitty Party fully entertaining Kitty parties with themes of spirits, which leap bound to spiritual ones, are plenty. If you are the devotional kind the ‘paathh kitty’ is...

How to make Kitty Party fully entertaining

Kitty parties with themes of spirits, which leap bound to spiritual ones, are plenty. If you are the devotional kind the ‘paathh kitty’ is what you need to join, and should you be in the mood to trash your daughter-in-law the Pammi Aunty kitty is the place to be.

Usually, these groups are so exclusive that a recommendation or ‘introduction’ is needed even to enroll as a member. But once there, you are elevated to a position of social respect, and envy.

The kitties are in fact a culture. Initially, it used to be about women gathering to exhibit their culinary talents or to chit-chat over home remedies. The more empowered and financially independent woman has turned this kitty into an experience of a different sort. It’s more like a luncheon in a café, where everyone is dressed to kill. They laugh, relax and vent too without being eavesdropped. The kitty money that was once a woman’s personal Swiss account which magically comes out of the closet when her family needs it is now more of a vacation fund.

How To make Kitty party fully entertaining:

1: Plan a theme

Think of some of the unusual themes for kitty party, this can be great fun. Select a kitty party theme that your friends will enjoy. Themes like

  1. Fancy Dress, color
  2. Specific theme,
  3. Traditional wear theme
  4. Fashion theme,
  5. Chef theme
  6. Taporri theme
  7. Horror theme
  8. State theme
  9. Sports theme
  10. Childhood theme

This will make your party interesting and fun to attend.

2: Menu

Planning the menu for your party well in advance will give you more time to enjoy the games on the day and also helps you deal with other activities. Your meal should contain 3 courses. Make a couple of elaborated dishes that grabs some admiration from your guest. Also, plan some dishes that will go with your theme.

3: Games

List ideas for party games that are both engaging and interesting. Some interesting games could be

  1. Musical Balloon
  2. The Hinglish Song Game
  3. Rajmah and straw Game
  4. Pick the coin Game:
  5. The Memory Game
  6. Stick up the gem
  7. Slay the ice
  8. Funny tongue twister
  9. Lock and Key.
  10. Say color not word

4: Informative

Do not restrict your kitty party to just games and movies, make it informative by having a cooking or calligraphy demo. You can also have a demo on some makeup tips or fashion. Make it more informative by inviting expert for discussion or everyone has a different experience, Share experiences of work, life, school crush etc..

5: Host nicely

On the day of your kitty party, be cheerful and welcome all your guests very warm and friendly. Talk to all of them rather than just sticking around with just one or two. Keep the conversation as light as possible, do not forget to thank them when they are leaving. Have fun planning your kitty party and enjoy it.


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