RIA: A Superior Application Framework?

The online marketing is increasing with the steady pace making the user experience the foundation of the online success. This is one the features of the Rich Internet Applications commonly known as RIA that making developers go crazy on the World Wide Web. The applications come with then instinctive, interactive and eye-catching user interference.

Many developers even believe that RIA is the future of web development. If you are new to the RIA then, you must be wondering what features that makes RIA development a superior framework? Worry not, you will find the reasons in the below article.

RIA: The Future of Web Development

There are plenty of frameworks that can be used with the RIA projects. There was a time when adobe flash is one of the main platforms of the RIA. However, due to the increasing online threat, the adobe has to face some downtime in recent years. Here are some of the most famous RIA framework is given below:

Angular JS

Heard about Angular JS? It is a mature and client-side Javascript framework run and maintained by Google. Majority of the companies often consider Angular JS as their first choice to create responsive, useable and manageable RIAs.


The framework is launched by the Sun Microsystems in 2008. It was actually designed with the aim to create the modern GPUs along with the hardware. Designers and developers who are working on the projects related to the animation, web view, 3D and CSS can totally rely on the JavaFX.

Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight is a powerful tool that is highly used for building RIA projects that are interactive and engaging as well as can run on the various browsers, operating systems and devices. This is a surely amazing tool for creating the user experience for both mobile and desktop users. Plus, Microsoft Silverlight is a free plugin which allows developers to skip the hassle of moving applications of numerous operating systems and browsers.

RIA vs. Traditional Web Applications

To understand the benefits of RIA, it is necessary to understand how RIA is different than traditional web applications.

Text-based vs. interaction based

The primary difference between traditional web applications and RIA are based on the compatibility of assets.  RIA has rich assets like video, audio, transition, graphics, and effects while on the other hand, traditional web applications are particularly based on the text irrespective of technologies like HTML, JAVA, or NET. RIA is no doubt an ideal application framework for iPhone app development.

The Shift in User Experience

The RIA has the capability to bring the noticeable shift in the UX that is actually a move from providing reliable information to users to empowering them to access more information. The rich concept in the RIA represents the rich user experience that application framework is capable of providing.

In case, if you require any HTML5 website development to optimize the RIA then, you can visit Qdexi Technology. Apart from the above things, there are so many other things that make RIA a superior application framework.

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