Samsung Galaxy A80 Fabric Back Covers

Samsung has been making some amazing phones for the past 5 years so far. They have dominated every smartphone segment for the last decade and with their new launches, it seems the domination isn’t going anywhere. They have even surpassed Apple as the most desirable smartphone right now. They have recently launched the Galaxy A80 and it is priced for the premium segment. The phone is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G chipset with 8 GB RAM and an internal memory of 128 GB. It has a 48 MP + 8 MP dual rear camera. It has a 6.7 inch Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display with a 3700mAh battery.
If you are a Samsung lover and are worried about its protection while maintaining the phone’s charm, then don’t worry as we have got it covered for you. A smartphone cover is like a protective armour for the phone that protects it from any outside damages. It shows your inner mood, lifestyle and personality. Smartphone covers have become a must for someone whose whole life depends on their phone. A good back cover reflects your personality while acting as a protective gear for your precious phones. And our wide range of back covers for Samsung Galaxy A80with proper cut-outs for the speaker, camera, charger and headphones, are built to protect your phone from any damages and scratches. These Samsung Galaxy A80 coverswill make it more classy and attractive!

Plain Fabric Samsung Galaxy A80 Case:
The plain fabric back covers of Samsung Galaxy A80 are single coloured with a cloth like texture and the soft-touch coating provides a soft and comfortable grip for a very friendly user experience. They are available in 3 colours : Light Grey, Blue and Black. The plain fabric cover is a simple and an evergreen design that has been loved by people since ages and will be loved for years to come. They are very slim and not bulky at all which gives a very stylish and sleek look to the phone. This cover is not for one with butter fingers, though. If you are someone who likes to have different covers for the same phone and keep changing them for different occasions, then our range of fabric covers is exactly what you have been looking for. The black is for every occasion. You want to feel like a boss or want to have a serious stealth look, then choose the black. You can choose the blue when you are feeling chilled and relaxed and want to go out for a party and some drinks as it oozes a very chill vibe because of its soothing colour. And the grey cover can be used for a special occasion and you don’t have to worry about blending the colour of your clothes with that of your phone cover as the grey colour goes well with everything. All in all, our plain fabric back covers for Samsung Galaxy A80 add a touch of sophistication and elegance to the phone.

Canvas Fabric Samsung Galaxy A80 Cover:
Our canvas fabric Samsung Galaxy A80 covers come with a two tone look that gives your phone a customized look. Available in four colours: Light Grey, Blue and Black, the colour combination in these covers makes your phone look really cool and hip. The top layer of the cover has the cloth like texture found in our plain fabric covers and the bottom layer has a leather texture, providing excellent grip while using it or when placed on the table. The two-tone texture provides superior grip and protection than the plain fabric covers. The canvas fabric covers are perfect for people with butter fingers. The canvas layer prevents the phone from slipping off any glass or slippery surfaces and hence provides superior grip against any situation. These covers are ideal for rough use and is perfect for someone who is a very outdoor person and loves going trekking and other adventurous activities. The bulky and sturdy exterior provides protection from any shock or bumps into the floor and so you can rest assured that your phone will be protected at all times.

So, these are our covers for the Samsung Galaxy A80. We are constantly innovating and striving for perfection. Check out our site for recent updates. So, go quickly to our website and order these new back covers for Samsung Galaxy A80 before they vanish and you are left with feeling sad that you missed these beauties!

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