Scaffolding and its uses

The Concept of using scaffolding as a support for buildings has been around for centuries now, with the first instance being in Ancient Egypt, where temporary Structures were built for construction. Same goes for a lot of the world’s oldest civilisations, these civilisations laid the foundations of the modern form of scaffolding. Scaffolding setups and scaffolding manufacturers have become an inseparable part of the modern era, used in industrial and commercial applications.

As mentioned before, Scaffolding applications have extended to a wide variety of sectors, both commercial and industrial sectors.  Scaffolding manufacturers have also “upped their game” by introducing newer variants of scaffolding setups for a wide variety of applications and having some special features. Thus, scaffolding setups are common in almost all sectors, a brief description of which is given below.

  • For Construction: Construction has been one of the first instances where scaffolding setups were used and have become a staple in the modern construction industry.  It is required in almost all aspects of building, whether the project is small or large. Scaffolding enables workers and supervisors to get better access to elevated positions as well as those “hard to reach” spots during construction. Here, employee safety is paramount to any organisation, and scaffolding forms a major part of providing their workers with the safety necessary. Construction at high levels involves a lot of risks and fatalities have occurred in the past. Thus, modern scaffolding manufacturers have developed variants of scaffolding setups to cater to different projects.  Some of the most used models include Supported Scaffolding Systems, suspended scaffoldings and rolling scaffolding.
  • For Repairs and Maintenance: Scaffolding setups have been used for many repairing, renovation and maintenance related projects. Renovations for buildings involve regular inspections and check-ups, to assess the structural integrity of the building. Historical buildings and monuments also have to be inspected or studied regularly, which involves a lot of risk if no precautions are taken. Scaffolding setups provide the required level of safety while performing inspection on rough, uneven or hard to reach areas.
  • For Setting Up Live Events: Scaffoldings have been used increasingly for installing live events in modern times. Live events which require special arrangements for light and sound systems can easily be installed by using Scaffolding setups. It is also used for crowd containment or for building special accommodation for guests. Scaffolding is favoured in such projects because of its easy of assembly, modular design as well as strict adherence to safety standards.

Scaffolding has become an integral part of our lives and required for a number of applications globally. The introduction of safety standards for scaffolding has made the system more concrete, and many manufacturers have started introducing variants for special uses.  However, it should be noted, that for project heads and business owners, it is imperative that they get their scaffoldings from a reputed and certified manufacturer. This is to ensure that the scaffolding has the required functionality without compromising on any degree of safety.

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