Scenarios Where Automation Testing is Trusted Upon More Than Manual Testing.

Continuously maintaining the efficiency of the software systems has become quiet challenging for the businesses with the rising competition. Testing is viewed as the necessity to keep the pace with the efficiency demands for the application by the customers. In this complex and critical software testing world, only manual testing is not the one which could bring good luck for the businesses. Or we can say, it is not always manual testing which could serve the purpose for the businesses, there are many a times when automation testing is seen as the only choice and option left for effective testing outcome. This article will give you a gist of such scenarios where automation testing emerges as the phenomenal solution.

The characteristics of manual testing of being fatigue causing, time consuming and monotonous are no more behind the curtains. Everyone is aware about these. Gone are the days when there was no such technology or tool which could assist human efforts of software testing. Now as the firms are expanding their business to every nook and corner of the globe, streamlining the tasks and providing the effective software to the public is also in the air. For gargantuan projects like simulation systems for airplanes, robotics, self-driving automobiles et cetera where the computation response time is just ten milliseconds, no human effort could work so briskly. In such cases test execution automation is considered as the necessary option.

Apart from the computation cycle response time case, there are many more scenarios where test automation is looked upon. These are:

  • Frequent changes in code: If the code changes frequently then it is best to pass it through automation testing because testing every single change manually will be difficult.
  • High risked system: Substituting automation testing in place of manual testing where the system is at high risk could be the right move. In other words, when it comes to save a human life then manual testing cannot be relied upon.
  • Testing the smart IoT systems: Now everywhere we see the smartness is there in technology. For example, the traffic lights are nearly in every city and the lights users include the citizens on the road, database system, machine learning route system, smart phone apps etc. Testing such huge data manually will be too complex as the activities will be complex. So, automation testing will be the savior.

Putting it into a nutshell, test execution automation remains the only choice when it comes to testing the complex and huge software systems. However, implementing test execution automation is not every tester’s cup of tea. The manual testers have to upgrade their testing skills to meet the latest testing scenario. Moreover, for an effective project test planning, the testers must think about all the possible situations where human errors are likely to occur while testing manually.

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