Season up your interiors!

 “A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually”- John Saldino

Are you someone who counts down to the days for a season and the holidays yet to come? Then join the FabModula family!

With so many seasons and festivities always around the corner, keep your home ever changing; by adding a little touch of the season on the outside of your door or inside your home, you can incorporate your mood into the surroundings you live in!

Here are 5 easy ways to bring your interiors alive!

  • Seasonal/festival elements

This is the easiest way to show your love for the season! Adding something that reminds you of the season brings the outside to your interiors. Hanging Christmas wreaths outside your doors, cute mittens for the winter to come, designing a rangoli, quirky cozy-looking pumpkins for the Halloween and many more.

The trick is to be tasteful and edited!

  • Seasonal colours

An easy way to hint about the season! Instead of adding home décor, you can always alter it with seasonal colours.Add colours that represent a season- colourful and pleasant fabrics for the warm and cozy summers,  nubby white table linen for when the weather is frosty, a red blue and white table runner for the beautiful springs and many more- keep your creative minds running!

  • ‘Go green’- Bring the outside in

There is always something so magical about natural elements!

Each season is unique in its’ own way! Bring out the personality of every season or festival to your home interiors. Add a bit of nature-- a display of organic elements and bring alive your rooms! A bowl of pinecones for the winter, dry seasonal flowers in a vase for the fall and keep thinking for more, as you can never fall short on ideas!

  • Seasonal décor

Seasonal décor can always be added to your already existing ones! Don’t let it stand alone, as layering it up will give it a cozier look! A pumpkin lamp added to its’ seasonal elements and colours ora mini Christmas tree with mittens and decorated dry branches from your yard, can pump up the mood of the season. Let your interiors speak for itself, tell a story with every passing season/festival!

  • Don’t over do

This is must be the most important tip of all!
As you pack away the boxes after all the fun, if you are overloaded with the stuff, then you are definitely doing too much! Don’t overdo the seasonal décor with everything you have, choose selectively and be minimal in the approach. Throw away the tired or dated worn out items, or make them into something more useful—again, get innovative! Festivals demand you to take a break, so give yourself one! And do not put too much into decorating your rooms! It’s about how you feel in the inside, at the end of the day.

Keep it simple, yet pleasing! Season it to the right amount.

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