Secret Tips To Make The Most Of Small Bathroom While Remolding

As per the recent study by Washington University, more than 68% of city population thinks that the bathroom is the most private section of the house where they love to spend time with themselves only. From the next business deal to the menu for dinner; almost every important decision is taken in this room. In the time of remodeling, you need to give extra attention to every little thing of the room.

You can consult with the Best bathroom remodeling company in Bronx to get the best ideas. It is not possible for all apartment owners to have the big lavish bathroom. But, in this age of advanced technology, you can have the same facilities without compromising with the design and free space. Here are some tricks to get the best design along with all required functionalities, even for the small bathroom.

Eye Tricking: There are some tricks which are known to the Best bathroom remodeling company in Bronx to get a bigger and spacious feeling without having one. For example, you can make the same flooring for the bathroom and shower to producing no interruption for the eyes.

Floor and Wallpaper Pattern: Make sure your designs of the tiles and wallpaper should give the compliment to each other. If you prefer any detailed or bold design for the wall, then go plain with the floor tiles and vice versa.

Storage: For a small bathroom, it is not a good idea to get an external storage. You have to utilize the walls to make a few in-built storage on it. For the regular use toiletries you can make the closet at hand and for the storage purpose go for the loft.

Proper Lighting: Lighting plays a big role to make any room looks bigger. But for a small bathroom it is very tricky to get the proper sunlight. That's why, Best bathroom remodeling company in Bronx uses some great strategies for lighting.

Round Corner: It is very difficult for any one to avoid the sharp edges in a small space. If you go for the round corner in your vanity, it will look more spacious and safe. As there will be no bumpy corner, it will give more space and comfort.

Floating Space: It is a great way to increase the visual space if you dont have many things to store in the bathroom.

Clear and Reflective: Go for a glass shower instead of foggy shower curtain. Install as much mirror as you can where your eyes can travel without any boudaries.

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